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Biden Causes Outrage With Nasty 4-Word Response About Trump’s Mugshot

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Friday, as President Joe Biden was being jeered after departing a pilates class while on vacation in Lake Tahoe, he remarked that Donald Trump’s mugshot revealed a “handsome guy.”

Biden responded with a chuckle, “Handsome guy, wonderful guy,” when asked about the former president’s detention photo, remarking that he had seen it on television.

Biden stopped to converse with reporters while exercising with his family at a Peldog Pilates and Cycle class on Wednesday.

Despite the efforts of a small group of supporters, the majority of the observers jeered at the president as he left the fitness center. Although he did not address the hecklers, Biden peered in their direction.

The president has just returned from a weeklong vacation at the opulent lake resort. His workout was accompanied by his daughter Ashley, granddaughter Finnegan, and grandson Hunter Jr.

Tom Steyer, a billionaire climate activist, presently resides with his family, including his son Hunter, in a $18 million estate. This is due to allegations that the rental may not comply with county housing regulations.

They are traveling to Lake Tahoe with Jill Biden, Melissa Cohen, Hunter’s wife, and their son Beau. Peter Neal, Naomi Biden’s spouse, also joined the family.

“I don’t remember them speaking to any of the issues. There was a lot of talk. But what are they going to do to deal with economic growth? What are they going to do to deal with the notion that maintaining the job pace that we have now? What are they going to do to deal with education?,” he said.

Despite dominating the polls for the Republican nomination to face Biden in 2024, Trump avoided the debate.

On Thursday, the former president was arrested in Atlanta on suspicion of conspiring to overturn Biden’s victory in Georgia in the 2020 presidential election.

According to Trump, he was merely employing his right under the First Amendment to discuss the election results.

It was his fourth arrest of the year, but no detention photo had been taken when he had previously appeared before police in New York City, Miami, and Washington, D.C.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

He described taking his arrest photo as “not a comfortable feeling,” he told Fox News, “especially when you’ve done nothing wrong.”

Trump has shared memes of his arrest photo, which was regularly made fun of online as it gained popularity.

Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson, which aired in opposition to the GOP debate, was not seen by President Biden. CONTINUE READING…

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