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Biden Caves To Republicans In A BIG Way

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While Democrats and President Joe Biden continue to allocate funds towards the ostensibly unsuccessful conflict in Ukraine, Republicans are focusing on domestic issues to meet their urgent financial obligations.

The revelation that Hamas is utilizing American-made munitions raises the question of whether the assistance we provide to Ukraine is misappropriated or sold to terrorist organizations. Despite the obvious fact that Ukraine has lost the conflict, pressure to send money persists.

Since Biden assumed office, more than ten million known illegals have entered the United States through the southern frontier. Instead of completing the wall, Biden has obstructed efforts by the state of Texas and individuals to do so.

Biden, on the other hand, is so frantic to send additional funds to Ukraine that a compromise is imminent. In light of the pressing need to offer assistance to Ukraine amidst its continuous unrest, the administration is investigating the potentiality of linking Ukrainian aid with supplementary fiscal obligations, including provisions for border security enhancements and aid to Israel.

In addition to Ukraine and Israel, the measure at issue is a $106 billion supplemental aid package that also affects Taiwan and the southern border of the United States.

New House Speaker Mike Johnson is vehement regarding the border dispute and an Israel aid package of $14.5 billion. That is to say, the desired assistance for Ukraine will be contingent on meeting these other pressing requirements.

“I think it’s hard to do those things fast, right, without having a whole lot of unnecessary consequences,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said. “But we got to be open to the discussions.”

International migrants from Central and South America, Haiti, Senegal, India, and the Middle East have been accessing the southern frontier. In order to qualify for asylum, unauthorized individuals must establish a substantial likelihood that they will be subjected to persecution, torture, or a genuine threat upon their return to their country of origin; this satisfies the credible fear screening.

Senate Republicans advocate for a modification to the screening criteria, mandating the demonstration of a more “cridible fear” as a prerequisite for unauthorized individuals to gain entrance into the United States.

This is an urgent matter due to reports of a tens of thousands-strong migrant caravan approaching the southern border from the south.

Nevertheless, there are specific Democrats who, inexplicably, have no intention of contributing to the southern border aid package. In light of the Republican Party’s division into conservative and RINOS factions, the Democrats are currently demonstrating whether they genuinely care about the welfare of the United States or are, in fact, Marxists or Hamas sympathizers.

Predictably, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has stated that Biden’s Ukraine request is crucial and that border security is a “Republican” concern rather than a national one.

“We’ve been very clear, if Republicans are serious about dealing with border security, this is something that they should move forward with — easily. Easily. But what we’ve seen them do over and over again is play political games,” KJP said.

With Hamas issuing threats against the United States and millions of its members crossing the southern border to be distributed among citizens, there is an obvious correlation between those entering our country and the conflict in the Middle East. Hamas, according to Al Jazzera, is disseminating images with the inscription “The West is Next!”

In the meantime, the border patrol is inundated with migrants who enter via roadways and gates breached by cartels through the preexisting wall outside of ports, around the clock. This media organization has documented the confrontations that occur between the border patrol and cartels, as well as the ongoing process of repairing breaches in the wall through prompt identification and welding.

The AP reports on the current influx of strolling migrants who are traversing Mexico in an attempt to enter the United States. These individuals are weary of awaiting Mexican visas. The group is estimated to consist of approximately 5,000 individuals, and the Associated Press reports that it is the largest gathering since June 2022. The members of the group are from Central America, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, according to the Associated Press.

The number of video-accompanied submissions is even greater, reaching 6,000. The migrants’ geographical origins remain unknown. Concerningly, the majority of the caravan consists of “men between the ages of 19 and 30” who are attempting to enter the country without delay, according to individuals present at the location of the caravan.

According to the video, when Steve Bannon inquires whether the migrants are aware that Joe Biden has “closed” the frontier, the migrants respond that they are advancing to the United States because “Joe Biden has invited them.”

The migrants, who boast that they will “jump the wall or cross the river,” are cognizant of the fact that unauthorized entry into the United States will not prevent their passage; once processed, they will be reintegrated into society.


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