Biden DA Who Dropped Colbert’s Crew’s Charges Gets Exposed

In the US Capitol last month, six CBS staffers, including Marjorie Taylor Green, who work for Stephen Colbert’s CBS late-night program, were detained for trespassing after hours and intimidating GOP members. On the US House floor, she discussed how the group had harassed her on that particular day.

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It’s crucial to keep in mind that the US Capitol was shut down at the time.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) allowed the insurrectionists inside the facility, where they stampeded, banged doors, and interfered with work.

“Colbert’s goons were not only harassing Republican lawmakers after hours but they also went and harassed and mocked the families of the January 6 prisoners held in prison for over a year without a trial,” the Gateway Pundit wrote regarding the incidents.

After being discovered inside a House Office Building after hours, Stephen Colbert’s crew was cleared of “unlawful entry” charges, it was reported on Monday.

After prosecutors concluded they “cannot proceed forward” with the misdemeanor charges against the nine people detained on June 16 in the Longworth House Office Building, the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington made the decision.

The incident happened after the third open hearing by the House panel looking into the Capitol uprising on January 6, 2021.

Given that the nine people arrested had been invited and that their escorts had never requested that they leave the building, a representative for the U.S. attorney’s office stated that it was unlikely that a conviction could be achieved and upheld.

Which resembles the defense of the political prisoners from January 6th identically.

“Though Capitol Police have refused to provide the names of those who were arrested, a person familiar with the matter provided The Associated Press with a list of nine people who had been stopped by Capitol Police.

They included several producers, along with comedian and writer Robert Smigel, the voice behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog,” according to WagMTV on Monday.

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The dismissal is hilarious because Matthew Graves, the US Attorney appointed by Biden who dropped the charges against Colbert’s thugs, is also the prosecutor looking into January 6, demonstrating the two-tiered justice system in the United States.

Additionally, Matthew Graves supports Merrick Garland, the US Attorney General.

Jesse Watters hosted Ned Ryan on Monday evening to talk about the dropped charges.

“The person responsible for dropping these charges is US attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves, Who was appointed by Joe Biden and works for the Attorney General turns out. He’s also the prosecutor investigating January 6th. Is he giving those guys the same treatment? Let’s turn to Ned. Ryan, American Majority founder, and CEO. Alright, Ned, can you believe it- charges dropped against the Colbert 9?,” Watters said.

“Not It’s unbelievable hypocrisy by Graves, you’re right; he is prosecuting the January 6, protesters, and to highlight the hypocrisy, more than 200 people have been charged and have pled guilty to parading on January 6, which is a petty offense Class B misdemeanor.

Even though they walk through open doors in front of police and were not asked to leave yet. Graves has actually recommended charges and sentencing of 60 to 90 days in jail. But now- in the Colbert case- it was unlawful entry misdemeanor. “It’s all dropped,” Ryan told Watters.

“It could have been up to 180 days in jail, but Graves didn’t think that it was worth pursuing. Because again, Jesse, I think this highlights what I think a lot of people have started to realize but I want to make this point. We have a bifurcated legal system here in this country, in which, if you have the wrong political views or the wrong political connections, you have the book thrown at you. But if you have the right connections, everything gets dropped, and it’s just a shrug as you walk away. And this is a serious problem in this country because one of the fundamental foundational aspects of Our Republic is the equal application of the law.

We’re all equal before the law. The law is equally applied, but when the law becomes a political tool to punish political enemies, all bets are off,” Ryan said.

Exactly- apparently, only Trump supporters have to rot in prison for unlawfully entering the US Capitol. That is what we are seeing, and the administration is not even trying to pretend otherwise.


This news comes just days after reports show bombshell information from documents leaked to Gateway Pundit that have “exculpatory evidence proving the Department of Justice was aware that a group of Indicted Proud Boys were innocent- yet are prosecuting them anyway.” as reported by Republic Brief.

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The informant told his handlers at the FBI that the Kansas City Proud Boy Group he was infiltrating and accompanied to the Capitol on January 6th “were not involved in, nor did they inspire the breaking of the barriers at the Capitol building. CHS describe the scene as the crowd doing it as a “herd mentality,” and that it was not organized. The crowd was shouting “stop the vote,” as they made their way to the Capitol building…

…There were no overt threats of violence made at that time.”

“Not only that, but the informant also testifies to the FBI that Proud Boys planned to come to Washington DC to risk their own safety to protect average Trump Supporters from Antifa attacks so MAGA folk could enjoy the day and “get back to their hotels safely,” the Pundit continued.

Yet, supporters of Trump are being persecuted and supporters of Bidens are being dismissed with a shrug.