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Biden DOJ Crusade to Jail Young Man for Anti-Hillary Memes Just Got Much Uglier

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Memes, a sort of political cartoons, are the foundation of the United States of America.

Since the American Revolution, pro-liberty iconography has been used to rapidly and readily unite individuals with similar goals into a formidable fighting force.

As one young man’s court case demonstrates, the Democrats are aware of this and seek to prevent it from occurring to them.

For an illustration of this principle, look no farther than Ben Fraklin’s “Join or Die” campaign, which has been a part of popular culture for over two centuries from its initial publication, demonstrating its effectiveness.

Join or Die is a political cartoon or meme that depicts the lack of unity among the American colonies.

At the time of printing, the original illustration focused only on the colonies that claimed shared identities as Americans.

Franklin’s editorial lamenting the “disunited state” of the colonies was accompanied by a cartoon that helped illustrate the significance of colonial unity. During the American Revolutionary War, it became a symbol of colonial independence.

The American public is culturally conditioned to comprehend political cartoons from an early age.

Therefore, political cartoons are effective “messaging, branding, and public relations,” and proponents of the Administrative State resent the fact that their political populist opponents have the ability to disseminate these tools across the Internet, thereby contributing to the development of a “anti-administrative state” movement.

Particularly, Democrats dislike the fact that Americans may create cheap political cartoons online and distribute them for free via the Internet.

According to a thorough study conducted by Revolver, the Biden administration has gone to unlawful lengths to prevent the American people from exploiting the power of political cartoons, or “meme-ing,” by developing a new type of “terrorism” to charge them with and stop them.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The steps behind what the Democrats have created to stop people from making memes show the ways in which Democrats have abused their power. What Biden and his pals have done is very complex.

Revolver, in their exclusive reporting on the issue, exposed the massive usurpation of Democrat Joe Biden’s administration in creating new terrorist tags to use and then followed up by analyzing the legal case against one meme maker, which is winding its way through the American judicial system. What the outlet uncovered is shocking. CONTINUE READING…

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