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BIDEN ECONOMY: ADP Jobs Numbers Released and They’re Horrible – 100,000 Manufacturing Jobs Gone

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Under Democrats, US manufacturing has suffered a major, fatal blow, and Joe Biden has struck the last nail in the coffin. The United States has suffered severely as a result of labor shortages, the dumbing down of the work force, and stirring the populace with discord over fabricated cultural warfare. Democrats are already proclaiming with pride that the remainder of American invention will be exported to our competitors in China.

Numerous Americans would rather be waiters or work in a similar occupation, according to recent employment data. So this is ok, correct?

According to Democrats, their argument for the end of wealth-building manufacturing is that Americans are lazy. People are bombarded with climate change panic to the point that they are unable to study, grow, or work. This is largely due to an emphasis on social justice and the instilling of a sense of victimization in the populace.

Consider these studies on the current situation of American workers, who are preoccupied with their emotions and problems and immobilized by hopelessness, preventing them from acquiring valuable skills.

Possibly caused by COVID and climate change hysteria:

Perhaps Social Justice and victimhood built this:

Obviously, Conservative Populists are aware that Democrats have spent at least 40 years degrading the mentality and spirit of the American people and our government system so that their political heroes may sell ‘what makes us great’ to the highest bidder.

Fox News revealed the most recent developments in the most significant theft of our lifetimes- (the Free Market Economy is over.)

“President Joe Biden on Tuesday suggested that manufacturing jobs, rather than products, were sent overseas to China and elsewhere because the United States became “lazy.”

placeholder During an event in Bay City, Michigan, where he toured a technology company to announce a $300 million expansion, the president made these remarks.

In the following years, it is anticipated that SK Siltron would triple its production at the factory. It is the latest in a string of massive foreign investments in the U.S. manufacturing and technology sectors touted by Vice President Joe Biden amid an administration push to on-shore production of key components and products after the COVID-19 pandemic brought long-simmering supply chain issues to a head.

During a speech highlighting the accomplishments of his administration, Vice President Biden stated that investment in local chip manufacture will bring the supply chain to the United States, as opposed to “relying on chips made overseas in places like China.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“We invented the chip in America. Then we got lazy. Federal investment helped reduce the cost of creating … an entire industry that America led,” Biden said. “As a result, over 30 years ago, America produced 30% of all the chips in the world. CONTINUE READING…

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