Biden Family Emails Reveals Shocking Details About Hillary Clinton

Radical far-left Democrat Hillary R. Clinton has tried to re-create herself many times in the hearts and minds of American voters. Still, her real struggle for political survival comes from a highly competitive field of fellow swamp dwellers, who show the public that they enjoy each other’s company, but the truth is that they are at war with each other over access, money, and power.

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Hillary Clinton, who has been scandalous for decades, has held many high-level government positions since she was First Lady of Arkansas. She also runs a highly suspicious billion-dollar Global Charity fund.

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Hillary Clinton has also tried twice to make a charge at the office of President- and failed both times, but she has never left the political scene- much to the discomfort of other Democrat Party insiders.

In 2016, when she was running against -then-candidate- Donald J. Trump, it was assumed that Hillary would win because she had the Democrat Party and its machinery by “the short hairs” and had enormous power.

While most people are afraid of Hillary for being diabolical- she likes to pretend that she is beloved in DC.

Numerous are the photos of Hillary Clinton laughing uproariously with her head tilted back and her mouth open, as if she has just heard the most hilarious joke in the world- for the ten-thousandth time.

The reality is that people in DC don’t exactly like her any more than the American voters like her, and now embarrassing and humiliating proof of that is coming out.

The truth is that Democrat Joe Biden and his family are not fans of the Queen of the Democrat party- either. In fact the Bidens may have wanted to see her pushed out of DC and out of their way.

The Daily Mail reported on the proof that the Bidens were Hating on Hillary- big time.

According to their report, Joe Biden- who believes himself to be the center of attention for Black American voters, sent his family scathing news articles about Hillary Clinton’s declining popularity with Black voters.

According to emails that have been uncovered, Biden rejoiced in the media reporting on an impending investigation into Hillary’s scandalous private email server.

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And it didn’t stop there; Joe Biden had a pattern of mocking Hillary by also alerting his family members to stories about Cheryl, Hilary’s top aide- who had private deals with the United Arab Emirates.

Hunter’s emails reveal Joe was busy forwarding stories about Hillary’s impending demise.

“Joe Biden sent family and aides a series of negative articles on Hillary Clinton during her 2016 presidential bid”, The Daily Mail reported.

Joe Biden has played public smashmouth about Hillary Clinton, telling a hedge fund conference once, ‘I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate.’

But Joe Biden also was discrediting Clinton by emails.

Found in the Hunter Biden emails sent on October 2, 2015, one note had the subject line ‘Supporters’ and contained a link to the political news site Real Clear Politics.

It republished a Washington Post story from the day before about a dramatic drop in Hillary’s polling among Black Democrat voters ‘Non-whites have consistently been more supportive of Hillary Clinton than whites,’ the story said

Two weeks later, Joe sent another email, to Hunter, with the subject ‘Mills.’

The email contained a link to a Wall Street Journal editorial on Hillary’s top aide Cheryl Mills, who was paid to negotiate a private deal with the United Arab Emirates.

The negative ‘naughty Hillary” emails that have been uncovered so far that came from Joe Biden have been focused on the 2016 race and her disastrous campaign then.

He was both tracking her rise and fall and nothing articles that exposed Hillary for a pay-to-play scheme.

According to the Daily Mail exclusive: “The then-vice president sent his children, their spouses, his grandchildren and his chief of staff the stories about Hillary’s declining popularity and two of the emails were sent in October 2015, in the days before Biden announced he was dropping out of the 2016 presidential race, and one in February 2016.”

The comment piece was critical of the Clintons and the aide, saying the deal was a conflict of interest with the UAE, which it described as ‘a serial violator of human rights’.

‘In 2009, while Ms. Mills held the second most powerful job at State, she also represented New York University as it negotiated with officials from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE),’ the editorial said.

‘Outside of the Clintons and their staff, who else thinks it’s a good idea for senior State Department officials to be paid by private institutions to cut side deals with Middle Eastern dictatorships—or any foreign governments?’

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The article referenced the Washington Post’s reporting that Mills got $330,000 in vacation and severance payments when she left the school’s payroll in May 2009, despite an NYU police against severance pay.

The article also drew attention to the tens of millions Emirati government-linked organizations have funneled to the Clinton Foundation.

Four days after the email, on October 21, 2015, Joe Biden announced he was dropping out of the race, citing the death of his son Beau.

Beau Biden died in May that year, age 46, from brain cancer.