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Biden Freaks out on Stage for Mysterious Reasons

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When Democrat Joe Biden appeared with a clown act to boost Kathy Hochul’s candidacy for governor of New York, the sideshow act assisted Hochul’s campaign.

Hochul has been destroying her own prospects of gaining control in the state, so Biden made a rare campaign trial appearance and proceeded to create headlines, but not for doing anything that would help Hochul, but for embarrassing himself in front of the crowd.

Biden was sort of rambling and slurring his words during the event, plainly attempting to scare the audience into supporting Hochul by utilizing the traditional method of spreading dread about “assault guns” by claiming that bullets are five times faster and quicker than other bullets.

This assertion by Biden has been disproved several times, notably by Reason.com, which reported:

An anti-AR-15 Washington Monthly article confirms that the muzzle velocity of an AR-15 is around 3300 feet per second (that is, the speed at which the bullet travels as it exits the muzzle). Other rifles have muzzle speeds in the same broad range, between 2500 and 4000 feet per second, according to this list, or between 2700 and 3150 feet per second, according to this list (PDF p. 45), however barrel length also influences the velocity. If AR-15 rounds are quicker than the majority of rifles (not “other” firearms), they are only marginally so.

Who knows whether or not a ban on AR-15s would minimize fatalities. (I really doubt it, both for mass shooting deaths and murder deaths in general.) However, it is evident that President Biden’s explanation for why this might occur is incorrect.

However, this did not prevent Biden from lying to the American people once more.

“Democrats have been rushing to help rescue Hochul following Republican candidate Lee Zeldin’s meteoric rise in the polls. New York, a deep blue state, is not supposed to be in play. The fact that it is so close says nothing good about Democrat chances come election night. I could write a whole other article on the insulting, tone-deaf things Hochul said at the “rally,” but really, I can’t just ignore this,” Boonchie reported for Red State, adding the following footage:

Bonchie went on to report more details:

“I feel like I say this in every piece I write on a Biden public appearance, but I’m at a loss. Did he get scared by his own shadow? I’m only half joking because even though we can’t see the stage, it doesn’t appear there was actually anything in his way. Later he walks in the same spot without issue. He seems genuinely startled at that moment, shouting “it’s black” without any further explanation. It was weird, even by Biden’s standards.


“Great. Now we’re getting 6 more weeks of recession,” one Twitter user quipped in response, and I think that wins the day. The fact that the President of the United States has become a running punchline due to his senility is probably not a good thing, but we can at least have some fun in the meantime.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Speaking of which, Biden reprised his “deer in kevlar vests” line that he’s repeated many times over the years. Because apparently, he has no handlers brave enough to tell him how ridiculous he sounds. CONTINUE READING…

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