Biden Gets Bad News From His Right Hand Man

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been sinking, sinking, sinking.

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Sources say that those close to the president say Biden is looking for ways to keep his campaign promises and redeem himself in the eyes of the voters.

The Biden Administration has not been able to handle any crisis, including curbing inflation, lower gas prices, handling Covid effectively, or passing the promised gun legislation, which is now at the forefront due to the recent shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York.

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Democratic leaders are at a loss about how he can revive his prospects by November, when midterm elections may cost his party control of Congress, MSN reports.

“I don’t know what’s required here,” said Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., whose endorsement in the 2020 Democratic primaries helped rescue Biden’s struggling candidacy. “But I do know the poll numbers have been stuck where they are for far too long.”

Crises keep coming and the Biden White House is not up to the challenges.

“They came in with the most daunting set of challenges arguably since Franklin D. Roosevelt, only to then be hit by a perfect storm of crises, from Ukraine to inflation to the supply chain to baby formula,” said Chris Whipple, the author of a book about White House chiefs of staff who is now writing a book about the Biden presidency. “What’s next? Locusts?”

Biden now understands that dealing with all the challenges isn’t easy.

“I’ve heard him say recently that he used to say about President Obama’s tenure that everything landed on his desk but locusts, and now he understands how that feels,” a White House official said.

“We’re on a track — a losing track,” Faiz Shakir, a senior adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, said of the Democrats, NBC reports.

Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., said the White House has failed to put forward what she called an “intellectually honest” plan to combat inflation — a burden that ranks first among Americans’ economic concerns, polling indicates. A bill the House passed to crack down on alleged gas price gouging isn’t an answer, she said.

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“If I sound frustrated, it’s because I hear from my constituents,” Murphy said. “They’re struggling. This is not a time for political games. It’s not the time for finding bogeymen.”

Biden is reportedly unhappy with his staff.

The President is annoyed that he wasn’t alerted sooner about the baby formula shortage and that he got his first briefing in the past month, even though the crisis had long been in the making, NBC reports. (The White House didn’t specify when Biden got his first briefing on the formula shortage.)

His nominee to head the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Robert Califf, told Congress last week that the agency was sluggish and that it had made “suboptimal” decisions as parents hunted for formula on empty store shelves.

Biden is also unhappy about a pattern of making clear and succinct statements — only to have aides rush to explain that he actually meant something else, NBC reports.

The so-called clean-up campaign, he has told advisers, undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise. Worse, it feeds a Republican talking point that he’s not fully in command.

The issue came to a head when Biden ad-libbed during a speech in Poland that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

Within minutes, Biden’s aides tried to walk back his comments, saying he hadn’t called for Putin’s removal and that U.S. policy was unchanged.

Biden was furious that his remarks were being seen as unreliable, arguing that he speaks genuinely and reminding his staff that he’s the one who is president, reported NBC.

So, it seems Biden is considering some staff changes to fix the leadership problems.

There have been rumors that White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein will leave after the midterm elections.

Klein’s plans are not confirmed, but speculations are now held as to who could be his replacement.

Citing multiple sources who spoke anonymously, NBC reports that one person heard Klain speaking of his potential departure.

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Klain worked as President Barack Obama’s White House Ebola response coordinator and also previously served as chief of staff to former vice president Al Gore.

He also was chief of staff to then-Vice President Joe Biden during the first two years of the Obama administration.

If Klain leaves his role in the Biden White House, which he has held since the start of the administration, potential successors include Anita Dunn, who rejoined the White House earlier this month and has been part of the president’s inner circle for years, MSN reports.

Other individuals thought to be under consideration include White House counselor Steve Ricchetti and White House domestic policy director Susan Rice, as well as Steve Ricchetti, a political aide and counselor, and Governor Terry McAuliffe.