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Biden Gets Trolled On Live TV While Taking Christmas Phone Calls

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Joe Biden was told by a parent, ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ during NORAD Santa Tracker event on Friday at the White House complex. The first couple hosted kids and their parents in the South Court Auditorium and spoke with people virtually.

The father of two kids who told the president what they wanted from Santa Claus beaming in from Oregon wished everyone a Merry Christmas and said ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ – which means ‘f**k Joe Biden’ – after children told him what they wanted. There were reports that Biden appeared unphased in the room. ‘Let’s Go Brandon, I agree,’ the president said in response.

A conservative blogger responded immediately to the clip of the exchange by writing, “Confession: I find it in poor taste to tell the President of the United States, “Let’s go Brandon,” when he just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.” Good manners should still matter.’

Michael LaRosa, a spokeswoman for the first lady, replied ‘Yep.’ to Erickson.

It’s harmless and funny to say the let’s go Brandon thing, but if you tell someone to f**k themselves when they are being nice to your kid, you’re just a d**k.It’s harmless and funny to say the let’s go Brandon thing, but if you tell someone to f**k themselves when they are being nice to your kid, you’re just a d**k. Merry Christmas!’ President Obama’s former adviser, Tommy Vietor, said.

Earlier in the day, President Obama and First Lady Jill Biden visited Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. – marking the first time a president had traveled with the first lady during a traditional holiday visit.

The First Lady has read Christmas stories to the hospital’s patients ever since Bess Truman served as the First Lady.

During their visit, the first couple also stopped by a Christmas tree on 17th Street NW in D.C. The tree was decorated with pictures of the Bidens, as well as a tree topper featuring Jill Biden.

Dr. Biden chose to read the book Olaf’s Night Before Christmas, which stars the character from Frozen. The Bidens spoke with both patients and parents before reading the book.

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‘You’re bringing us some joy,’ the president said.

On one occasion, he told a boy, ‘my grandson is fascinated by laser tag,’ and on another occasion, he told a patient, ‘I have a son and grandson called Beau,’ as the children made lanterns.

I want to thank all the nurses and doctors who are here to help them,’ the first lady said to the medical staff.

President Biden’s brother gave him a German Shepherd puppy, named Commander, as a gift earlier this week.

As the Bidens prepared to leave for the hospital, reporters spotted the pup with a handler on the South Lawn. Commander played fetch and got a belly rub.

Commander made his debut during the visit, and President Obama told the kids about the dog chewing on his slipper this morning.

The president showed one of the children a picture of the dog on his cell phone and said, “He’s 15 weeks old.”

During the summer, Biden said they may bring the dog to the hospital.
The first lady invited one of the patients to join her as she finished reading the end of the book.

While their granddaughter was admitted to the Philadelphia children’s hospital, the first couple spent a lot of time there.

Afterwards, he asked the kids how many of them were thinking of becoming doctors when they grew up.

The children’s hands shot up as they said they wanted to be chefs, police officers, aerospace engineers, authors, and biomedical engineers.

‘We’ve never had a president come with the first lady on Christmas Eve,’ the hospital administrator remarked.

Obama paid a holiday visit to the institution in December after he had left office.

Dr. Biden has visited the hospital three times since becoming first lady in January, the White House said.

After that, the Bidens rode the presidential motorcade down 17th Street, D.C. they briefly stopped by the Biden-themed tree in front of Floriana, an Italian eatery, after riding the motorcade down 17th Street, D.C.

Several ornaments featured large images of Jill Biden, though some also featured the president wearing his trademark aviator sunglasses. In keeping with the first lady’s role as a teacher, the tree is also decorated with apples.

A large outdoor tree was adorned with the official White House ornament hung by the president.

After being asked if he had a message for American on Christmas Eve, he replied, “Keep the faith.”.

In his remarks at the pool following their return, the president commented that the weather was spring-like.

‘It’s more like Easter than Christmas with the weather,’ he said.

In D.C., it’s 53 degrees.

Their New Year’s tradition of sun and St. Croix will be replaced this year by the chill of Delaware as the Bidens spend Christmas at the White House.

While the president’s decision to stay local coincides with long lines at COVID-19 testing centers and major airlines canceling flights due to staff shortages caused by the most recent wave of COVID cases, caused by the highly transmissible omicron variant.

This has led to criticism that the White House was ill-prepared for the testing crush.

Over 100 flights were canceled by United and Delta on Christmas Eve due to omicron and bad weather.

Holidays at the White House were unexpected for a president who usually goes home to Delaware for the weekend.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, said he would instead spend some time between Christmas and New Year’s in Delaware.

It’s a tradition that he’s made with his family nearly every year since 2008 to travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands for the New Year’s holiday, a trip he’s taken with his family nearly every year since 2008.

He has often spent a week there or in St. Croix with his brother James, who owns real estate on Water Island.

The Bidens have spent more than 25 weekends at his home in Wilmington or his beach house in Rehoboth Beach since his first year in office, where it’s easier to have friends and family stop by as well as bike rides or beach outings.

At one point, Biden compared living in the White House to living in a ‘gilded cage,’ suggesting he’s uncomfortable with its trappings.

The Vice President and the Second Gentleman are spending the holiday in California.

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