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Biden Gives Four Words For What He Will Do If GOP Takes Over

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In interactions with the press, Vice President Joe Biden continues to present poorly.

Recently, a reporter questioned him why fewer Democrats were campaigning with him near the White House.

“John Fetterman’s gonna appear with you today in Pennsylvania, but there haven’t been that many candidates campaigning with you,” the reporter said.

“That’s not true. There have been 15. Count, kid, count,” he instructed the reporter as he grabbed him.

There are hundreds of Democrats campaigning around the country, yet the president boasts that just fifteen individuals are campaigning with him.

He was asked a similar question by another reporter, and even the official White House transcript includes “inaudible” in place of the president’s response.

The reporter said, “Sir, why don’t more candidates want to be seen in public with you, like Mr. Fetterman?“

“They’re — they’re — what are you talking about?” the president said.

“Tim Ryan in Ohio says he doesn’t want you there. Warnock said he wouldn’t say. Do you think they’re making a mistake?” the reporter said.

“No. There have been 16 that have already (inaudible), and a lot more have asked — another 20 or so. So I’m going to be doing it,” the president stated.

President Joe Biden has frequently stated that he works with Republicans and takes pleasure in his bipartisanship. However, in a recent appearance on MSNBC, when asked how he would “protect women” if Republicans regain control of the House and Senate, his response was not cooperative.

The President was questioned by interviewer Jonathan Capehart about inconsistencies:

“You unveiled a new attack line earlier today. You dropped it here just a moment ago. But the full line was Mega MAGA trickle down. Surely you consider your student loan forgiveness program to be an antidote to that. But here’s a problem, I think, for you and Democrats. Despite all the good economic news, low unemployment, record job creation, wage increases, Social Security, cost of living, adjustment to 8.7%, the highest in 40 years. And yet poll after poll shows that Americans, the American people trust Republicans on the economy and think that Republicans should control Congress. How do you how do you break through that?”

President Biden answered:

“First of all, that I’m not sure about the polls because, you know, the way people conduct polls today, it’s hard. 90% of it, as you get on a telephone where you have to call seven times to get somebody to answer the phone. Number one. Number two, a lot of what we’ve done and we passed has not kicked in yet. For example, you know, we have all this money to rebuild highways, bridges, internet, etc., but it’s going to take time. It’s not all happen overnight. It’s not like we passed a law and all of a sudden the highways and bridges are all functioning. It’s not like we’re in a position where we’re saying no senior, which we do, is going to have to pay more than $2,000 a year for the drug costs. Even so, some are paying 13, 14, 15 with helping their families because the cancer drugs and the like, it hadn’t kicked in and didn’t kick in until next year. So a lot of what we’ve done, people are are hurting. CONTINUE READING…

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