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Biden Has Awkward Moment on Camera, Listen to What the Audience Does

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Every day, another terrible error from President Joseph Biden.

On Tuesday, Biden made remarks at the White House Conservation in Action Summit, where he announced that he is creating a new national monument — Avi Kwa Ame in Nevada.

Nevertheless, there was a significant issue: he had no idea how to say it.

One would assume that Biden would have acquired the name when working with the individuals who created the memorial, or while preparing for the address. Regrettably, he appeared to be unaware of the name of the monument.

The audience chuckled nervously as Biden stammered with the name, playing for time by stating, “And I want you to know it’s a big deal,” until many of them came in to aid by yelling out the name of the monument.

Ultimately, Biden added, “I just know it as Spirit Mountain.” He received the kind of applause normally reserved for infants uttering their first word.

Throughout the address, he looked to be slowly reading off a teleprompter while he diverted his attention toward something in the distance.

That footage makes Biden appear more like a wide-eyed robot than a real human — much alone the president — making a speech.

Many were quick to point out that this incident was symptomatic of the wider problems surrounding Biden’s mental acuity, with journalist Benny Johnson tweeting that the situation is “getting worse.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Honestly, all these gaffes were a bit amusing at first, but they quickly became concerning as warnings about Biden’s health were repeated over and over again.

The situation has indeed gotten worse, to the point where the president’s mental health is now a national security issue. CONTINUE READING…

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