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Biden heads to Arizona, skips first-ever border visit because that would be a ‘political stunt’

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Joe Biden is NOT slated to visit the southern border on his trip to Arizona this week, as he and his staff have determined that the optics of him feigning concern for a crisis he caused would be bad.

Biden is scheduled to visit Phoenix to promote his economic ideas, but there is no mention of a stop to the border, which is less than 100 miles away.

“Biden has not gone to the border as president, despite soaring illegal immigration, gruesome human trafficking and massive quantities of fentanyl illegally entering the U.S, ” Fox News reported.

Last month, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated, “He’s been there,” although she may have been referring to Biden’s visits to the border before he was elected president. Officials did not react to a question on Biden’s alleged border visit.

Biden’s trip to the region “is about the American manufacturing boom we’re seeing all across the country, thanks to… his economic policies,” Jean-Pierre told FOX Business Network’s Edward Lawrence at a White House briefing on Monday. “We should be able to reach a bipartisan agreement on immigration, too, and that’s what we’re calling for, right? We’re asking for Republican officials to come and work with us, and let’s have a bipartisan agreement on immigration instead of doing political stunts.”

This criticism of Biden’s lack of attention to the southern border has also angered progressive groups. Director of the Immigration Justice Campaign for the American Immigration Council, Alexandra Miller, stated that Biden must observe the effects of harsh federal immigration policy.

“In coming to Arizona, President Biden has an important opportunity to bear witness to the cruelty that migrants are experiencing at the border and to see the hard work that humanitarian organizations, legal service providers and other good Samaritans are doing at the border every day,” Miller told Fox News Digital. “Unfortunately, it looks like this opportunity will be missed.”

“But for a complicit media, it’s inconceivable that President Joe Biden has avoided a visit to the U.S. southern border with Mexico given the historic nature of the invasion underway there,” Tom Tillison reported for BizPacReview, adding:

Biden cannot be bothered to show up to the scene of what Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has dubbed the largest crime in U.S. history, even when he is in a border state, despite the fact that more than 5 million foreign nationals have unlawfully entered the country in the past two years.

The president is visiting a construction site for a new computer chip plant in Arizona on Tuesday to promote his economic agenda. Despite being 100 miles from the overrun border, there is no planned stop and no effort to boost the morale of Border Patrol agents dealing with record levels of human traffic and fentanyl. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 107,622 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2016.

“KJP on Biden’s trip to Arizona: He will not visit the border and sees visits to the border as a political stunt,” Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) posted on Twitter on December 5, 2022.

Tillison continues with further information:

Hundreds of migrants inspired by the Biden administration’s inattention to the wide open border are also dying on the treacherous journey to the United States, where they are frequently at the mercy of the deadly drug gangs scant Mexico. The fatalities merit minimal coverage in the corporate media.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Taking a page from the playbook of Vice President Kamala Harris, aka the border czar in search of the root cause of the southern invasion, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed recently that “he’s been there,” in reference to her boss visiting the border. This is not true, according to Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, who noted on Twitter that Biden “has never visited the border in his entire political career.” That being some 50 years. CONTINUE READING…

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