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Biden Held ‘Stolen’ Classified Docs at His Delaware Home AND the Secret Service Kept No Records of Visitors While They Were There

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Steve Bannon claims that the Democratic Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland, is in a “jam,” and his latest guest, attorney and originator of the Article 3 initiative, Mike Davis, warned Bannon on Thursday that Garland’s impeachment might be imminent.

On the famous program War Room, the two discussed the current events surrounding Joe Biden being discovered with confidential materials that Davis said Biden’stole’ while serving as Vice President under Barack Obama.

“The Vice President, like anyone else, can not take any records, so that is the issue. Joe Biden absolutely stole records, including Presidential elections, and he moved them twice. The FBI needs to do a raid on his home and offices to find all of the documents,” Adams said, adding:

“Biden would know who had access to all of the documents at all of the unrestricted places he took them to,” according to Davis, FORMER: Chief Counsel for Nominations, U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary and former Law Clerk, Justice Gorsuch.

According to David, Garland initiated a highly suspicious probe into how President Donald J. Trump handled presidential materials after he left office.

Davis has hammered Biden on this point all week, emphasizing that Trump’s conduct with confidential materials is vastly different from Biden’s conduct with classified documents.

“Biden needs to put our national security ahead of the personal political agenda,” Davis told Bannon on why Biden must cooperate, adding that many people are curious as to why Garland had a special counsel over what President Donald J. Trump did as President but not Biden.

“Why do we have two systems of justice? Trump had the power under the presidential records act, as the President took his records with him and took them to a secure place with secret service protection. When Biden took papers as Vice president, he did not have permission to take them as Vice President. Biden is clearly compromised by taking money from foreign countries, so our nation’s security is clearly at risk,” Davis added.

“We know the Biden family committed unsavory actions. These facts surrounding the Biden family hiding top secret documents at their house in Deleware are very concerning and a danger to the country’s national security,” Joe Hoft reported for Gateway Pundit, adding more details about the segment with Davis and Bannon.

Attorney Mike Davis explained on Steve Bannon’s War Room that these documents at his home were stolen by Joe when he left office in 2017.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Steve Bannon asked Davis to clarify the word “stole.” He noted that no one has ever “accused President Trump of stealing records.”

Hoft went on, emphasizing the important – take away points of this situation: CONTINUE READING…

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