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Biden In FULL PANIC Mode – Assembles a Secret ‘War Room’

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Recent Republican summons to action from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greens included pressing forward with impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. Now, it appears that these initiatives are in motion.

The allegations against Hunter Biden and his illicit international business dealings have been elevated from speculation to actual charges, and the plea bargain that was offered to Hunter has been withdrawn. The case involves Joe Biden’s participation in Hunter’s plans and negotiations, as well as the president’s receipt of vast sums of money in exchange for favors.

As legislators return from summer recess, articles of impeachment against the president by a number of House Republicans and statements by the Speaker gather momentum. On the basis of the current evidence and information, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has stated that an impeachment investigation is a “natural step forward.”

McCarthy is elaborating on the impeachment plan, stating that the impeachment investigation will primarily concentrate on First Son Hunter Biden’s shady business transactions with foreign nationals and that there is “a culture of corruption that’s been happening within the entire Biden family.”

“If you look at all the information we’ve been able to gather so far, it is a natural step forward that you would have to go to an impeachment inquiry,” McCarthy said during an interview with Fox News on Sunday. “That provides Congress the apex of legal power to get all the information they need.”

Although Democrats have publicly stated that there is no basis for an impeachment, it appears that they have met in private to discuss how to counter the impeachment. Moreover, these meetings have continued for some time.

Another Biden Administration official told NBC News that the White House has spent more than a year refining its statements and framing strategy.

According to NBC News, the White House counsel’s office has spent months formulating a response to an impeachment investigation of President Biden. Republicans have staggered the release of a mountain of evidence connecting the president to influence-peddling schemes involving foreign nationals, including bank records, testimony from key figures, and documents compiled by highly credible FBI sources.

Biden’s aides, staff, and associates plan to oppose prospective impeachment proceedings as a politically motivated, evidence-free conspiracy. “Comparing this to past impeachments isn’t apples to apples or even apples to oranges; it’s apples to elephants,” one White House aide told NBC News. “Never in modern history has an impeachment been based on no evidence whatsoever.”

Even though stating that this impeachment effort shouldn’t be compared to past impeachments, it seems past impeachments are just what the Biden staff are attempting to use to discount the allegations.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Biden aides are reportedly using the 1998 impeachment of Bill Clinton as a model to squash the effort while making Republicans pay a “political price.” The Biden Administration’s response team includes defense attorney Richard Sauber and Russ Anello, the former staff director of the House Oversight Committee. CONTINUE READING…

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