Biden Isn’t In Charge! – Biden’s Chief In Staff Announced!

Since the start of the Biden presidency, we can see that Biden represents a puppet president directed from others, most likely Obama, Susan Rice, and Ron Klain.

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Everything was approved by Jill Biden, who is fine with the entire situation where her husband is cognitively challenged.

Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, warned the Dems allies and staff in a conference call after Biden’s horrible press conference.

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Axios reported that Klain issued a clean-up in the message, saying that child and elder care funding would be in any revised Build Back Better Bill even though Biden didn’t mention that.

Is the president in charge, or isn’t he? I don’t know who to trust?

We know that we can’t believe what Biden tells us, and we have to wait for the fake news media to translate for us.

When he said that a small insurrection into Ukraine wouldn’t be a big problem, Biden didn’t mean that. That’s what his handlers told us.

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Biden’s incompetence is a shiny object that we can’t ignore, and some Dems want to throw Klain under the bus and blame him for the disastrous managing of the White House.

Joe Machin is one of the Dems who doesn’t want Klain, saying that he pushed Biden to embrace a more liberal policy agenda.