Biden Just Gave Putin ‘One Of The Biggest Green Lights In The World’

Joe Biden’s weakness is a major problem.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has no respect for Biden, which is why a retired U.S. lieutenant general and former national security adviser is speaking out.

Appearing on Fox News, U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg said Biden gave Putin “the biggest green light in the world” to invade Ukraine. When Biden was questioned about the U.S. response if Russia invades Ukraine, Biden reportedly said “it depends if it is a limited incursion.”

“He was given the green light,” Kellogg explained. “When President Biden said, ‘Well, it depends if it is a limited incursion,’ oh boy, if that wasn’t one of the biggest green lights in the world, I’ve never seen one.”

“I don’t think anything that Biden is going to say is going to affect Putin at all because frankly, Putin does not respect Biden.”

“The Russian word for security is ‘bezopasnost,’ and that means ‘without threats’ and what Putin sees, he sees Ukraine as a threat because of NATO,” he continued.

“He does not see NATO as a defensive alliance. He sees it as an offensive alliance. It’s gone from 20 to 30 countries and he looks at it… okay, they’re encroaching upon Soviet territory… I’m sorry, Russian territory,” Kellogg stated.

“And he doesn’t have a good understanding, that’s his fatal flaw… a good understanding of the West,” he said.

“He’s only served one tour of duty when he was in the KGB when he was in the West and that was in East Germany. So, he literally doesn’t understand how the West operates,” Kellogg added.

“With President Trump, it was always good to go in and talk to him because I’d always talk to him and say, look, ‘Always look through your adversary’s eyes. Why is he reacting the way he’s reacting?’”

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“So you could condition yourself to react back to him. That’s the role of a good strategic advisor to a president… ‘Okay, understand what the enemy and adversary is doing and be able to react to that,” he said.

“So, I think he’s got a big security issue, and the way it’s looking right now… if you read all of the indicators and the national security advisor said yesterday, and he’s got pretty exquisite intelligence, they in all probability are coming south into Ukraine,” Kellogg assessed.

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“What it looks like from him is, and I’ve said this repeatedly, is I think he’s going after the eastern one-third of Ukraine because that is the predominant Russian-speaking of Ukraine and it gives him a buffer that he wants. It also connects Crimea with the rest of Russia. And he’s got a hard boundary,” he said.