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Biden Just Suffered Defeating Desertion From All Angles

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Days before midterm elections, the White House Report Card reveals that President Joe Biden is struggling to save his presidency and the Democrats’ control of Congress, as inflation continues to rob Americans’ wallets, thousands of illegal immigrants enter the United States, and crime increases in areas that are typically crime-free.

Biden attempted to intervene in many House and Senate contests and even delivered a speech warning that the Republican Party would destroy democracy, but voters did not appear to be paying attention. Even his supportive media began to question his command of the topics and his mental capacity.

In his final analysis before Election Day, Democratic pollster John Zogby told Secrets that the Republican lead, which has persisted for weeks, seems to persist and that the GOP “has a clear advantage going into Election Day.”

One surprise explanation is that women are abandoning the Democrats, most likely because of increased food and gas prices and crime in the areas and businesses where they buy. House and Senate Republicans are gaining the greatest ground on subjects like as inflation, crime, and immigration, according to Zogby, who gave Biden’s week a C-.

According to another prominent pollster, Rasmussen Reports, the Republican edge on the so-called generic vote is around 5 percentage points. According to Rasmussen’s study, Biden is losing a significant amount of independent voters.

In an unexpected turn, the New York Times released a piece on Friday accusing the 45th president of exaggerating his economic achievements.

Friday, Times writers Alan Rappeport and Jim Tankersley released an article headlined “As Elections Approach, Biden Spins His Economic Record” in which they asserted that the president’s claims on his economic accomplishments were false.

The report began with a summary of the White House’s economic spin: “As President Biden and his administration have told it in recent months, America has the fastest-growing economy in the world, his student debt forgiveness program passed Congress by a vote or two, and Social Security benefits became more generous thanks to his leadership.”

The piece declared, “None of that was accurate.” The report also claimed, “The president, who has long been seen as embellishing the truth, has recently overstated his influence on the economy, or omitted key facts.”

The article stated, “None of that was true.” In addition, the study asserted, “The president, who has a history of embellishing the truth, has recently exaggerated his impact on the economy or omitted critical information.”

It then referenced a recent false statement made by the White House on Social Security. The Times quoted Biden and immediately corrected him, stating, “’On my watch, for the first time in 10 years, seniors are getting an increase in their Social Security checks,’ he declared. The problem: That increase was the result of an automatic cost-of-living increase prompted by the most rapid inflation in 40 years.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The piece added, “Mr. Biden had not done anything to make retirees’ checks bigger — it was just a byproduct of the soaring inflation that the president has vowed to combat.” The official White House Twitter account made that same claim about Social Security this week, receiving a swift, community-based fact check from Twitter. The White House then took the tweet down. CONTINUE READING…

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