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Biden Lets the Truth About the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Slip: ‘I Wish I Hadn’t Called It That’

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Voltaire once made the joke that the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire.

Similarly, President Joe Biden acknowledged this week that the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act had nothing to do with inflation reduction.

Bloomberg reports that Biden made the admission during a Thursday fundraiser in Park City, Utah. “I wish I hadn’t called it that,” stated the president.

Biden said he regretted the name “because it has less to do with reducing inflation than providing alternatives where we generate economic growth.”

The president’s impromptu remarks frequently arouse suspicions.

Chris Megerian of the Associated Press noted Biden’s characteristic lack of restraint while speaking to donors and cited several examples from Thursday’s fundraiser, including the Inflation Reduction Act apology.

Biden’s occasional candor may result in unintentional disclosures of the truth.

On the other hand, the president has never demonstrated in his career that he would recognize the truth if he were to express it.

Biden has mentioned the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act on multiple occasions this week, not just in Utah. However, the first time he did so, he stated that it served a very different purpose.

Tuesday at a fundraiser in New Mexico, Biden acknowledged that his signature legislation had nothing to do with inflation. Interestingly, however, it had nothing to do with economic development.

According to Biden, the Inflation Reduction Act had to do with climate change.

“We also decided that my — one of my passions since I’ve been in — since the ‘80s was the environment. Well, we’ve put ourselves in a position where we passed the most comprehensive environmental piece of — it’s called the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s within that.

“It has nothing to do with inflation; it has to do with the [inaudible] $4- — $600 — excuse me, $368 billion, the single-largest investment in climate change anywhere in the world — anywh- — no one has ever, ever spent that. And it’s beginning to take hold,” Biden said, according to a White House transcript.

The transcriptionist at the White House must currently be the most undervalued employee in the United States.

Biden spoke at the New Mexico event for 28 minutes. The transcript of his remarks exposes a mind that wanders aimlessly from topic to topic.

Indeed, a remarkable endeavor was made to accurately record all of Biden’s incomprehensible utterances. His stuttering, unresolved thoughts, awkward pauses, and inexplicable transitions are all captured in the White House’s transcript of his remarks.

Then, did the president intend for the Inflation Reduction Act to stimulate economic expansion? Or did he have an environmental safeguard in mind? In some respects, it is irrelevant.

Perhaps we should disregard everything that Biden says.

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