Biden Makes the Worst Prediction Ever About Republicans

Joe Biden and the Democrats are facing a major uphill battle leading up the 2022 midterm election cycle.

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Many pollsters are predicting a massive red wave that puts Republicans back in control of Congress.

Biden predicts it would be a “sad, sad two years” ahead if Republicans were to gain control of Congress. They would retain control of Congress for at least two years until the next election cycle.

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“If we don’t do that, don’t do that, it’s going to be a sad, sad two years,” Biden said.

“Think about Republicans if they controlled the Congress these last two years. I believe we have a record to be incredibly proud of… a message that resonates: Build a better America.”

“Now we have to do the work,” he continued. “Now what we have to do is we have to sell it with confidence, clarity, conviction and repetition.”

More on this story via Daily Wire:

The president also focused his remarks on Ukraine, touting his administration’s efforts to rally North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his ongoing invasion.

As The Hill reported: The president listed Ukraine as an issue for Democrats to run on, touting the unity of NATO and the U.S. against Russia’s ongoing invasion into its neighboring country and saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “failed to divide Democrats and Republicans.”

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He also noted the record-high price of gas and called it “Putin’s price hike,” rhetoric that the White House has been using to discuss gas prices since Biden announced a ban on Russian energy imports earlier this week.

Biden also continued to blame Putin for the dramatically rising energy costs, repeating the phrase “Putin’s price hike” — as have a number within the Biden Administration —despite the fact that prices had already been rising steadily since Biden took office.