Biden Nominee Who Called GOP Senator a ‘White Supremacist’ Gets a Rude Awakening When They Meet Face-to-Face

Joe Biden has nominated radical leftist Deborah Lipstadt to serve at the State Department’s Office of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism.

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Back in March of 2021, Lipstadt publicly ridiculed Republican Senator Ron Johnson by posting his image and writing, “This is white supremacy/nationalism. Pure and simple.”

When meeting face-to-face, Lipstadt’s past comments came back to haunt her. She tried to apologize, but Johnson wasn’t having any of it. Watch the clip below.

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This exchange occurred during a Senate approval hearing for Lipstadt as Biden’s nominee.

“Listen, I appreciate your apology, and I’ll accept your apology,” Johnson said. “But I think somebody that has had a 30-year professional career ought to know better, and when you’re being nominated and considered for confirmation to a position of diplomacy representing these United States, I certainly cannot support your nomination. I hope my other colleagues won’t either.”

Johnson concluded, “You’re just simply not qualified for it. I wish you the best in life, and I do accept your apology.” WATCH:

Here is Lipstadt’s tweet where she calls Johnson a white supremacist:

More from Western Journal:

What a superb takedown of a liberal.

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We’re tired of hearing from Democrats that all Trump supporters are racists, white supremacists and domestic terrorists.

The left claims to be so enlightened, while they declare the right to be so vile and contemptible.

Democrats have played the race card so casually in today’s world that it’s begun to lose its power.

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Americans, in large numbers, have begun to understand what’s behind the liberals’ incessant use of the race card. At its very essence, it’s simply a tactic used for political gain. Denigrating Republicans as racists has increased their power.

But the tactic is becoming worn from overuse.

Leftists like Lipstadt put out their woke nonsense from behind the safety of their keyboards. The separation provided by social media has made the left very brazen. It’s easy to cavalierly toss out labels on Twitter, but when pressed, face to face, and asked to explain their baseless accusations, liberals lose their boldness and begin stumbling and bumbling — as Lipstadt did when Johnson confronted her.