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Biden overstated jobs numbers by more than 1 million, raising manipulation concerns

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Progressive Democrat Privilege has raised its ugly, sly head this month as evidence surfaces demonstrating that Democrat Joe Biden made a monumental blunder in presenting the all-important ‘jobs figures’ this month.

Mark Twain is credited with saying, ” there are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics,” and it is immediately apparent that he was referring to the government.

The phrase describes the persuasive power of statistics to bolster weak arguments and is described as “one of the best, and best-known” critiques of applied statistics, which leftists study in school along with media psychology and graphic propaganda; readers of Fake News should recognize the patterns of manipulation.

Here is the perfect example of how the ‘swampy’ politicians in DC lie and hide their corruption behind ‘statistics’ from a Just The News article by Ben Whedon:

“An assessment from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve has found that the Bureau of Labor Statistics dramatically overstated second quarter jobs numbers, prompting scrutiny from Republicans who have raised concerns of politically motivated manipulation of federal statistics.

The BLS reported that the U.S. economy saw a net gain of 1,047,000 jobs in the second quarter, per the Washington Times, while the Philadelphia Fed contends the figure was actually a mere 10,500 jobs.

Moreover, BLS data overstated employment numbers in 29 states and the District of Columbia by significant margins compared to the same metrics from the Philadelphia Fed report.”

Tucker Carlson discussed the’misstep’ by Biden, stating:

“This past summer, with a few months to go before the midterm elections the Biden administration faced a huge problem called the economy, most voters, vote on the basis of the economy and how they feel, they’re doing, and how they feel their country’s doing.

At the moment no one was doing well. It is hardly a mere academic remark that the US economy has recently seen two straight quarters of falling GDP.

If they acknowledged a recession in the United States, they would lose the Senate.

Because they would lose control of both chambers, they were compelled to lie. But how can you lie about something that is so plainly stated and obvious to everyone? Well, you modify the definition, which is what they did.

They devised a new definition of recession in order to avoid looking at GDP. That’s the traditional approach of measuring the economy. Look at holistic aspects, urged the Department of labor.

For instance, in June, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics provided them with evidence for their argument. The Bureau of Labor Statistics produced a report indicating the strength of the labor market.

They found that the U.S. economy had created over a million new employment. A million employment created in the second quarter of this year, from March to June, is a significant number.

Joe Biden wasted no time in touting it. “Watch,” Carlson said, showing a video of Biden saying, “our job market remains historically strong, our economy, created more than nine million jobs since I came to office in no small part because the people on this stage, our economy created more than 1 million jobs in the second quarter.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

A million new jobs in the second quarter despite negative growth.

Wait a second, how do you get a million new jobs with negative growth? That seems like magic. How is that possible? But no one in the media asked questions. CONTINUE READING…

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