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Biden Posts Photo of First Page of His SOTU Speech, 1 Word Has Conservatives Laughing!

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While Democrat Joe Biden is President, there isn’t much pleasure to be had; but, what’s in the transcript of Biden’s impending address has people chuckling for a few seconds of delight under this hazardous Communist-friendly dictatorship.

Tuesday will be the second State of the Union speech to both chambers of Congress and to the American people. Biden, whose well-documented severe mental deterioration has rendered him an unsteady speaker and thinker, has been the object of widespread mockery for his repeated linguistic gaffes during previous public engagements.

So people are unsure what to anticipate, and now they get a small taste of what is to come:

According to the Western Journal, Biden will make his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening before a voting public that, according to surveys, lacks confidence in the president’s capacity to execute at the level expected.

“That didn’t stop the president and his handlers from giving us a sneak peek of his upcoming SOTU speech. Biden’s Twitter account posted an image Monday morning that showed the first page of his speech, but one word in particular set the social media world on fire.”

It’s right here. Biden’s staff made a mistake in attempting to project a favorable image of what is to come:

The word “pause” appeared in a snapshot of Biden’s speech binder, which indicated how Biden will begin his address tomorrow night in the United States House of Representatives.

“Getting read,” President Biden (@POTUS) posted on Twitter on February 6, 2023.


What people found and reacted to was that Biden is so fragile he needs to have his hand held and to be directed second by second on how to talk to the American people, to the point he is instructed on when to take a pause, adding interpersonal communication tactics as if these things are all so foreign to the ‘most powerful man’ in the world.

As WJ points out, “pause” reminded us of past instances when Biden read such directives in speeches that were not supposed to be read publicly.

“‘[pause]’ Lol no one takes you seriously,” writer J.T. Lewis tweeted.“[pause]” Lol no one takes you seriously,” JT Lewis (@thejtlewis) posted on Twitter on February 6, 2023.

Immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken tweeted, “Make sure you don’t read the word inside the brackets Mr. President.”

Popular meme account Carpe Donktum retweeted Biden’s photo of the speech, writing, “LOL. If someone handed me a speech that had [pause] written down in it, they would be fired before they left the room. They think you are an idiot, and they are right.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The mockery continued in the same vein, relentlessly which has become a regular occurrence during and after Biden’s important speeches. CONTINUE READING…

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