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Biden Reported Heartbroken and Worried For Insane Reason…

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During her appearance on MSNBC on Friday, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki discussed the indictment of Hunter Biden from her perspective.

Psaki stated on the “Morning Joe” show “I mean, first and foremost, the politics of this are a little hard to predict, but right now you have the president’s son, somebody he loves deeply, somebody who has very publicly struggled with drug addiction, now facing these charges.”

Thursday, the prosecuting authorities in Delaware formally charged Hunter Biden with three firearm-related offenses. The allegations are made in the context of increased Republican scrutiny of President Biden and his son. Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has ordered House committees to launch an impeachment investigation into President Biden, extending the ongoing investigation.

“My bet is right now, this is a heartbroken president, in the White House, who is worried about his son, and we’re all watching to see kind of what happens with this,” Psaki added.

Joe Biden has already acknowledged publicly his son’s struggles with substance abuse. During a 2020 presidential debate with former President Trump, the candidate referenced his son’s difficulties in response to the former president’s criticism.

The exchange went like this:

REP. JAMIE RASKIN: I don’t think people should applaud the system when it works for Hunter Biden, but then try to tear the system down when it works for Donald Trump. I mean, both of them have been indicted on various charges. The presumption of innocence operates for both of them. Due process rights operate for both of them. And, you know, we shouldn’t take delight in other people’s misfortunes, but we have to have a rule of law.

JEN PSAKI: I mean, we have to have a rule of law! Mika and Joe, it’s such a relief to hear that from people! Including when it’s about, as you just said, somebody who is very close to the president. I mean, first and foremost, the politics of this are a little hard to predict.

The president’s son, whom he profoundly adores and who has publicly struggled with drug addiction, is currently facing serious charges. And I’ll allow Andrew to consider the legality, the procedure, and everything else, about which I am aware that many of us have questions.

What is difficult to observe here, and what I believe we will all be monitoring, is what Republicans do on Capitol Hill in relation to their impeachment process nonsense, correct? Yesterday, we did not see a lot of this. Many of these allegations are linked to their impeachment efforts. Andrew just alluded to the possibility of additional charges being brought by the Department of Justice, and I suspect that they would attempt to bring them.

Millions of Americans have contended with relatives who have struggled with substance addiction, alcoholism, and other addictions. My guess is that the current president in the White House is devastated and concerned about his son. And we’re all kind of watching to see what happens here.

As we recently reported, in July, Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal with the Justice Department fell apart under scrutiny from a Delaware judge. The DOJ then requested that the judge dismiss the plea deal, which he did on August 17. Moving forward, prosecutors expect the case to go to trial, where it will likely be tried in Delaware or California.

Now Hunter has made a change that indicates he is looking at monetary consequences. Hunter Biden and his wife Melissa Cohen have been living in a $4.2 million canal-side Venice Beach house. Hunter Biden reportedly rented that property for $20,000 a month.

They were not popular tenants, however. “Hunter and Melissa were horrible tenants. Not only did they stiff the owner for months of rent, they left the house in terrible condition,” a source told the Daily Mail.

“Melissa was rude and entitled. They destroyed the stereo equipment in the home and when someone came to fix it, they were uncooperative. They also left the place dirty,” the source added.

Daily Mail now reports that the Bidens have moved to a lower priced property in Malibu from their previous residence. Hunter and Melissa reportedly downsized to a $15,800 a month ocean view Malibu home, a substantial cut back from his previous $20,000 a month California residence.

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