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Biden Revealed as Trojan Horse for Another Candidate

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In 2024, will you vote for Kamala Harris? Van Jones says yes, but the statistics say no; you just don’t know it yet.

If you are not a frequent CNN viewer, you may be unaware that Jones, a contributor to the network since 2013, served as an adviser to then-President Barack Obama in 2009.

He notoriously referred to the 2016 election of Donald Trump as a “whitelash.” During that speech, he failed to mention that he had been fired from his relatively low-ranking position generating green employment in the Obama White House because he was far too radical for even that position.

When he claims that Joe Biden is a Trojan horse for Kamala Harris, you should pay close attention, especially given that our not-particularly-vigorous president is 80 years old.

During a discussion on “CNN Primetime” regarding Biden’s health, the issue was raised. Jones, an extreme pinko, stated that a vote for Biden would be a vote for Harris.

“She is in such an unusual position,” Jones said.

“She’s a woman,” he declared. “She’s black. She’s Asian. And she’s running alongside the oldest person to ever do it.

“So she’s essentially running for president. That’s what she’s doing. And I think people understand that.”

This is not precisely what CNN would like to hear, especially from someone whose pinkoism led to his dismissal from the Obama administration, a group not known for its conservatism.

According to a CNN transcript, Michael Smerconish, the presenter who participated in the discussion with Jones about a vote for Biden being a vote for Harris, stated the following at the conclusion of the hour:

“Harris is a decent person, but she’s a drag on the ticket. I just had that conversation with Van Jones. I think she has got to up her game or that will end up being the case.” CONTINUE READING…

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