Biden Reveals What He Plans To Do With Illegals Let In After Title 42

On Friday morning, the Biden administration rescinded Title 42, the policy that had been implemented during the Trump administration that allowed for the rapid expulsion of migrants at the border and barred them from seeking asylum.

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This move follows years of pressure from both inside and outside President Biden’s own party and from immigration advocates. Advocates had sought to end an immigration policy they believed was unjust and cruel to those fleeing persecution.

Title 42 will be lifted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on May 23.

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“Based on the public health landscape, the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the procedures in place for the processing of covered noncitizens … CDC has determined that a suspension of the right to introduce such covered noncitizens is no longer necessary to protect U.S. citizens,” the CDC wrote.

While it has been noted earlier this week by the White House, that the majority of immigrants crossing the border will not be able to remain in the country even with the lifting of Title 42, many Republicans and even some Democrats such as Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) have their strong doubts.

“To be clear, most individuals who crossed the border without legal authorization will be promptly placed into removal proceedings and if they are unable to establish a legal basis to remain in the United States, they’ll be expeditiously removed,” White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said Thursday.

“As a reminder, economic need and flight from generalized violence is not a basis for asylum, but rather asylum is for those with a well-founded fear of persecution on a protected ground.”

The West Virginia senator attacked President Biden’s decision to rescind Title 42, as a “terrifying decision” that would likely increase the number of migrants on the southern border.

“Today’s announcement by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and the Biden Administration is a frightening decision,” Manchin said after Biden’s announcement.

“Title 42 has been an essential tool in combatting the spread of COVID-19 and controlling the influx of migrants at our southern border. We are already facing an unprecedented increase in migrants this year, and that will only get worse if the Administration ends the Title 42 policy,” Manchin warned.

While Title 42 was drafted just days into the pandemic, it has been used approximately 1.7 million times by the Biden Administration, which includes repeated crossings.

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TIn spite of the assertions from Biden administration officials that Title 42’s pandemic implementation served public health interests, its origins have been shown to be political in nature.

Stephen Miller, Trump White House adviser, led the charge to add Coronavirus protection to border management policies.

Title 42 is to be withdrawn as a consequence of conflicting court decisions on the policy. One court decision ordered the administration to expand the policy to cover children traveling alone, while another placed new limitations on it by prohibiting the sending of families subject to Title 42 to countries where torture or persecution is a likely occurrence.

On the other hand, the second order criticized the Biden administration for retaining its public health argument for Title 42 even though on the whole, most of the world has learned to live with the pandemic.

Now, we’ve learned what Biden plans to do immediately once Title 42 is officially rescinded on May 23.

Following the end of the Title 42 border control authority, Joe Biden plans on expanding hugely his Catch and Release network at the border between the United States and Mexico through the use of buses and flights that will bring illegal aliens and border crossers back into American communities.

The Biden administration admits that half a million people are expected to cross the border illegally each month. Over the course of just 28 to 30 days, this is the equivalent of the population of Atlanta, Georgia crossing the border from Mexico.

In the face of an impending flood of illegal immigration, the Washington Post reports Biden’s top officials are preparing to expand their Catch and Release program where border crossers and illegal aliens are briefly detained, bused into border towns foreseen by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) contracted by the federal government, and then flown into US communities.

Essentially, this means Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to release thousands of illegal immigrants each day into the interior of the United States based on this plan. In most cases, these immigrants would have been removed through the Title 42 program.

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The Post reports:

Biden officials are making worst-case contingency plans for daily border arrests to more than double from the current volume of more than 7,000 daily apprehensions. They are hiring contractors to add tent facilities that can help process migrants faster, along with additional buses and aircraft to transfer migrants away from the border. And they have established a command center at Department of Homeland Security headquarters staffed by interagency teams that include Federal Emergency Management Administration officials who have handled major disasters. [Emphasis added]

Either way, Biden faces an uphill climb when it comes to public opinion. A recent Economist-YouGov poll found that just 33 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s handling of immigration. The only area where the president had a lower rating was on guns, where just 27 percent approved. [Emphasis added]

Additionally, Biden intends to limit immigration detention at the U.S.-Mexico border by shifting to DHS’s Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program to release illegal immigrants and border crossers.