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Biden Rocked on Morning of 80th Birthday as He Receives Worst News Possible

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President Joe Biden is not going to be pleased to learn what Elon Musk sent him for his 80th birthday.

On Saturday, one day before Biden turned 80, former president Donald Trump was restored on Twitter.

It is unclear if Biden was aware of the politically significant move to reinstate Trump’s Twitter account on Saturday night, when Musk announced Trump’s return via tweet.

If not, Biden will certainly discover about Trump’s access to his legendary Twitter account shortly after commencing his 80th year.

The Biden administration has not released a comment in response to the event.

However, Biden did indicate earlier this month that the federal government should investigate Musk’s ownership of Twitter for potential legal infractions.

In a Saturday night post, the new Twitter owner and mega millionaire said that Trump will be reinstated.

Musk organized a Twitter poll in which a majority of people voted in favor of reinstating the former president, who is regarded one of the most frequent users of the network in its history.

If Trump decides to truly utilize Twitter again, the 2024 presidential race might be affected politically.

However, it is not certain that the @realDonaldTrump username will be reinstated. Trump has often suggested that he plans to continue his principal social media presence on Truth Social, an alternate site controlled by the previous president.

By a wide margin, Biden is the oldest president in American history.

Ronald Reagan left the presidency at the age of 77, a record that Biden surpassed the day he began his first term as president at the age of 78.

In the event that he is re-elected president in 2024, the Democrat will end his second term at the ancient age of 86, inhabiting the White House at an age never before seen in the history of the United States.

Trump is also not exactly a young man, for what it’s worth. The 76-year-old would conclude a “comeback” presidential run in 2024 at age 82.

In some ways, Trump’s physical and mental fitness appear to be superior to Biden’s.

Biden frequently has difficulty articulating himself correctly, speaking coherent words, and recalling fundamental event facts.

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