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Biden Secretly Brought in Obama for Key Role After Harris Failed Miserably

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Consistently, the most egregious falsehoods and would-be dictators of the world seek to eradicate “misinformation” and safeguard “democracy.”

However, the liars and would-be tyrants in the administration of President Joe Biden, headed by Vice President Kamala Harris, are incapable of completing an allotted task in this instance.

Consequently, Biden has reportedly turned to former President Barack Obama, one of his predecessors, as reported by NBC News.

Biden issued an executive order on Monday with the intent of instituting government oversight of artificial intelligence.

“To realize the promise of AI and avoid the risk, we need to govern this technology,” the president chillingly said.

That order signified the conclusion of a protracted and clandestine procedure in which Biden, during his tenure as vice president, assumed a preeminent position. Indeed, Obama “quietly advised the White House over the past five months,” according to NBC News.

Former President Jeffery Dean conducted direct negotiations with technology companies and participated in Zoom conferences with White House personnel. The report states that during discussions with leaders in the technology sector, Obama placed significant emphasis on concerns including “information integrity, bias, and discrimination.”

Certainly, he did so.

Obama, in a statement published on Medium this week, even assumed the audacious position of a guardian of the truth.

“We’ve already seen what can happen when our shared basis of facts begins to erode, for example, affecting everything from politics and the economy to public health,” the former president wrote with his characteristic blend of dishonesty and condescension.

Obama’s position on this matter solely serves to underscore yet another of Harris’ shortcomings.

Biden appointed the vice president his “czar” of artificial intelligence (AI) in May and assigned her to lead the administration’s AI supervision initiative. Elon Musk and others subtly ridiculed the appointment at the time, highlighting Harris’ overall incompetence.

The vice president delivered a speech at an AI summit in London on Wednesday. Despite his comical lack of proficiency as a speaker, Harris managed to cram a number of established falsehoods into a single rhetorical query.

“And when people around the world cannot discern fact from fiction because of a flood of A.I.-enabled mis- and disinformation, I ask: Is that not existential for democracy?” Harris said, according to The New York Times.

Naturally, “people around the world” need the government to protect them from “fiction.”

“As history has shown, in the absence of regulation and strong government oversight, some technology companies choose to prioritize profit over the well-being of their customers, the safety of our communities and the stability of our democracies,” Harris said.

Do demons compose these discourses? Who else might engage in such deceit? History demonstrates, if anything, that individuals seeking the truth should not place their trust in the government.

Thankfully, Harris’s presence in London served to underscore her lack of competence. Understanding the full scope of Obama’s engagement in artificial intelligence reveals Biden’s genuine perception of his “czar.”

Even if the majority of Americans did not perceive her as an intolerable and laughable impostor, we might even feel pity for her. Indeed, if the vice president, who has been the most catastrophically incompetent since James Buchanan, harbors a negative assessment of her capabilities, then an open critic could only offer empathy.

Moreover, this AI-related report demonstrates that Obama has not precisely maintained his distance from the Biden administration.

White House “aides” cited by NBC News described it as “the first time Biden has enlisted his former boss to assist in the development of a key policy initiative.” However, those “aides” were unable to dispute this. In fact, Biden’s evident cognitive deterioration has sparked conjecture that Obama already possesses a greater degree of influence than the majority of his predecessors.

Regardless, it is unnecessary to envision Obama in the capacity of a puppet master. Obama’s worldview continues to endure in the Biden White House, irrespective of his ability to exert influence over it.

In Harris’ lies about “misinformation” and “democracy,” we hear the echo of Obama’s “shared basis of facts.” And in Biden’s executive order, we see Obama’s authoritarian instinct.

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