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Biden Slammed For Pathetic Message he Wrote To Zelensky In Guest Book

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President’s Day is intended to replace Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays with a holiday celebrating all U.S. presidents. Yet, the 2023 ceremony will be recognized for the current U.S. president recognizing a foreign president. President Joseph Biden made an impromptu journey to Ukraine to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky despite the fact that Ukraine and Russia are at war and travel to that part of the globe is not encouraged.

The Conservative Brief notes:

For years, the United States has insisted that Crimea is still part of Ukraine. Yet the Biden administration has held to a hard line since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, refusing to provide Kyiv with the weapons it needs to target the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia has been using as a base for launching devastating strikes. Now that line is starting to soften.

After months of discussions with Ukrainian officials, the Biden administration is finally beginning to concede that Kyiv may need the ability to strike the Russian sanctuary, even if such a move increases the risk of escalation, according to U.S. officials who spoke anonymously to discuss the sensitive debate.

During Biden’s previously undisclosed visit to Kyiv, he left a handwritten note for Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, which was revealed during his visit to Ukraine. During the Monday celebration of President’s Day in the United States, the public saw the message written by Vice President Biden during a visit to the royal palace of Ukraine. Biden wrote in a journal commemorating the event that the city had “captured a part of my heart.”

“I am honored to be welcomed again in Kyiv. I stand in solidarity and friendship with the freedom-loving people of Ukraine,” Biden wrote. “Mr. President, please accept my deepest respect for your courage and leadership. Slava Ukraini!”

Both the substance and timeliness of the communication have been poorly received.

Fox News announced:

“Biden wrote the note during his 5-hour visit to the war-torn country on Monday. He used the visit to reaffirm his administration’s commitment to supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion for as long as it takes. Biden pledged an additional half a billion dollars in military assistance during the visit. The U.S. has already delivered more than $100 billion in assistance to Ukraine since Russia first invaded the country in February 2022.”

On social media, the president’s speech generated an abundance of fury and anger.

“So the Ukraine has your heart. But not America. Not East Palestine. Not the southern border. Not food cost twice as in 2020. Record debit. IMPEACH THE FOOL @GOP,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“America last,” wrote another. “It’s also part of your wallet,” Ryan Fournier, founder of Students For Trump, added.

And, pointing out the timing of Biden’s words:

“This is what you tweet on Presidents’ Day?! What about love for AMERICA?” former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis added.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

And, in compliment to presidents other than those in America, “You are the GREATEST President Ukraine has ever had….” noted “Dear America Podcast” host Graham Allen. CONTINUE READING…

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