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Biden Suffers Devastating Loss

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According to the most recent I&I/TIPP poll, President Joe Biden’s candidacy in the 2024 Democratic presidential primary has a laughable dearth of support. Only slightly more than one-third (37%) of Democrats polled endorse him in the primary. This survey listed a number of other potential candidates, ranging from former first lady Michelle Obama to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). Last month, thirty-nine percent of Democrats said they would support Joe Biden. This month, only thirty-seven percent of Democrats say they will support him.

Biden’s grievous lack of majority support was not, however, a detriment to him. No other prospective candidate listed on the survey received ratings comparable to his. Michelle Obama finished in a distant second place, with only 10% of Democrats supporting her potential candidacy. Sanders was in third place with nine percent, followed by Vice President Kamala Harris with six percent, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) with five percent, Hillary Clinton with four percent, and California Governor Gavin Newsom with four percent. Robbery Kennedy Jr., who was formally a candidate, received only three percent of the vote, up from two percent in May of 2023.

Additionally, not everyone could choose from the candidates. Fifteen percent selected “other”, while seven percent were uncertain. However, these results are typical for a survey of this nature. When the options are narrowed down to Biden, John F. Kennedy, and Marianne Williamson, the pollster found that Biden frequently receives majority support.

Issues & Insights (I&I) said: “But an interesting thing happens when you narrow the choices to just Biden and the two newcomers who are often touted in the media as potential outside challengers: Kennedy, and author and politician Marianne Williamson. Then, Biden gets 68% support, compared to 12% for Kennedy and just 4% for Williamson, with 4% saying “someone else” and 12% saying “not sure.”

Therefore, it appears that, at least for the time being, Biden’s principal challengers will be the established political figures among his challengers, and not a surprise outside candidate.”

From May 31 to June 2, 638 Democrats and Democrats-leaning independents participated in this survey. It has an error margin of +/- four percent.

Meanwhile, another Republican survey was conducted. Trump leads the Republican primary with majority support from his Republican constituency, which has substantially increased in size.

“TIPP POLL: Trump holds 36-point lead for Republican Nomination.
• Trump — 55% (+36)
• DeSantis — 19%
• Pence — 6%
• Haley — 3%
• T. Scott — 3%
• Ramaswamy — 2%
• Sununu — 2%

TIPP (A-) | May 31-June 2 | 482 RV” InteractivePolls said on Twitter, attacking a link to an Issues & Insights article.

The survey is conducted at a time when concerns remain as to whether Biden’s age and health will be adequate moving forward. According to a survey published last week by Economist/YouGov, a large number of American adults believe that Biden’s age and health may “severely” influence his ability to perform his job.

Breitbart News reported: “A plurality, 45 percent, said they believe both “severely” limit his ability to do his job, followed by 34 percent who believe it has “little effect” and 11 percent who said it has “no effect at all.” Another ten percent remain unsure.

Predictably, 77 percent of Republicans believe Biden’s age and health severely limit his ability to serve as president; a plurality of independents, 48 percent, and 13 percent of Democrats share this sentiment. Notably, 56 percent of Democrats still believe it has “little effect” on his ability to perform his job, compared to 22 percent who believe it has no impact.

“Notably, 14 percent of Biden 2020 voters believe it severely limits Biden’s ability to do the job as well.”

The publication of the survey also coincided with Biden’s comical fall at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s commencement ceremony, which only added to the accumulating concerns about the 80-year-old vice president’s current and future health and capabilities.

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