Biden Thinks “Everybody Knows Somebody” Being Blackmailed

Poor old Joe Biden has seen (and done) some stuff, I’m sure. The hair sniffing thing is weird. And then there are all the accusations of sexual misconduct. And let’s not forget having a son like Hunter Biden.

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This dude really just got up behind the podium and said this, as though every average American deals with being blackmailed by sexually explicit photos. Like that’s totally normal.

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Honey, sexually explicit blackmail may be the norm in the Biden household, but not “everybody knows somebody” who is being blackmailed with sexually explicit photos.

The fact that this seems like a totally normal thing to him is actually very concerning. But, then again, I’m sure he and all his political and social elite buddies are pretty dang familiar with sexually explicit blackmail, so it just seems like it’s the norm at this point.

Trust me, it’s not.

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