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Biden Turns Up In UKRAINE As Disaster In Ohio Rages On

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The Democrat government of Joe Biden has again betrayed the American people, and this time it is very evident that Democrats and their supporters have no intention of putting the needs of the American people first.

Could there be a more eloquent illustration of why there is a growing populist “America First” movement demanding that our government serve the American people first?

Just as Biden is handing away America’s sovereignty to several global actors through open borders and the imposition of foreign medical policies on Americans, he appears in Ukraine to explain why the international community must safeguard Ukraine’s’sovereignty.’

The proof that Biden does not care about the American people is quite evident; Biden is in Ukraine at a time when Folks in Ohio, for instance, want government resources and leadership.

Below is a video of Ohio Senator JD Vance exposing the toxins in the water after a large railway wreck and a deliberate fire were used to ignite hazardous vapors throughout the state.

This is something that Biden is ignoring while he is in Ukraine; he refuses to visit the region or give aid.

This demonstrates a small portion of the ongoing tragedy in Ohio, where Vice President Biden has rejected even the tiniest bit of aid while Residents are ripped from their communities by dangerous chemicals in their air and water.

The broadcast of a local townhall on the Ohio crisis last week revealed a large throng of terrified and indignant individuals in need of assistance.

Yet, Biden is worried about the Ukrainian people.

One poster on Twitter put it perfectly: “How about we first work to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to America’s democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity! Close down the border! Stop election abuses!”

Nevertheless, Biden does not care about the American people.

As national security concerns on a variety of fronts, including cyber changes to our banking and finances, border security and a massive increase in deadly crimes, infiltration of our sovereign airspace by our top enemies, the bankruptcy of our government and military, medical transparency over COVID issues, and literal, literal trainwrecks leaving toxic environmental disasters in their wake – grow in urgency for Americans across the country, the Federal government is unable to adequately respond.

Now, the President of the United States strikes again.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Monday morning, news headlines showed that POTUS Biden is ignoring everything the common American is worried about, and he is in Ukraine supporting his friend President Zielinski. Together they are having some sort of pep rally and celebration of that country’s ‘soverginity.’ CONTINUE READING…

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