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Biden wants your next airport visit to include a face scan. That’s a huge threat to your freedom

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Joe Biden, a Democrat, has expanded the number of locations where Americans are compelled to undergo face recognition in an effort to further communist control tactics over the US population.

“The next time you try to log in to the Internal Revenue Service’s website you’ll be urged to use facial-recognition software to verify you are who you say you are,” CNN reported recently, adding:

The verification process includes taking a picture of a photo ID, like a driver’s license or passport, and then taking a video selfie with a smartphone or computer so software can compare the two. It’s part of a partnership the IRS has with ID.me, a fast-growing company that uses facial recognition software as part of its identity-verification process.

For now, this process is optional if you already have an IRS username and password. But if you don’t, and you want to use online tools to request an online tax transcript or see information regarding your tax payments or economic impact payments, you’ll need to sign up with ID.me. And starting this summer, those old IRS usernames and passwords will no longer work.

Want your unemployment benefits? You may be required to undergo face recognition first.

CNN went on:

CNN reported last year that ID.me confirms IDs for more than half of all state unemployment agencies and an increasing number of federal agencies in the United States. ID.me collaborates with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Social Security Administration, and the US Patent and Trademark Office, in addition to the IRS. The firm claims to have 70 million subscribers and adds 145,000 daily.

Last year, the IRS used ID.me in a limited capacity to authenticate individuals who opted out of receiving advance child tax credit payments. The IRS stated in November that it was expanding this verification procedure for all logins, but as tax season approaches and millions of individuals use the agency’s website, it is receiving attention and criticism.

And now we know that the federal government has plans for airports as well.

“Biden wants your next airport visit to include a face scan. That’s a huge threat to your freedom; face-scanning technology is already abused by authoritarian states like China and Russia,” Haskins, Justin Haskins is the director of the Socialism Research Center at The Heartland Institute and a New York Times bestselling author, reported for Fox News, adding:

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a department under Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, admitted in December that it had considerably increased face recognition technology at airport security checkpoints.

Under the expanded program, sixteen of the nation’s busiest airports, including Atlanta, Boston, Denver, and Los Angeles, are now employing facial scans to verify the identities of visitors. Under the Trump administration, the TSA’s inaugural test face recognition program was initiated in 2017.

The technology requires that travellers put a picture ID into a security kiosk and then glance into a camera. After a few seconds, the system compares the facial scan to the picture ID using artificial intelligence. If the system determines that the two match, the traveller may go to their gate. If a probable mismatch is detected, a TSA agent will assess whether to deny the traveler admission. Eventually, humans will be entirely eliminated from the verification process.

If the new initiative is considered effective, the TSA intends to expand face recognition at airports around the country, making it one of the greatest attempts in US history to gather sophisticated biometric data from law-abiding Americans.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The Biden administration says that biometric technology like facial recognition can “enhance security effectiveness, operational efficiency, and the passenger experience,” and in some respects, it most certainly could. CONTINUE READING…

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