Biden Was Hospitalized For Cranial Aneurysms

Democrat Joe Biden had an appearance on Thursday to discuss lowering prescription drug costs and used the opportunity to talk about his personal struggle with brain aneurysms.

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His confession happened at an interesting time, just as key some Republic lawmakers in DC, earlier this week, called for Biden to take a cognitive test due to their concerns that Biden’s “mental decline” has “become more apparent” and could be impeding his judgment.

Biden’s rambling- and at times incoherent- remarks about his own medical billing experiences were highlighted by Turning Point member, Danny De Urbina:

Biden appeared at the event, with Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger, a vulnerable House Democrat, appearing to endorse her.

Biden said that Spanberger’s work was helpful in office as he pushed his Build Back Better agenda. However, build Back Better has stalled in Congress, so it is unclear how Biden thought that would be helpful to her re-election campaign.

Nonetheless, Biden persisted:

“It’s great to be here with Abigail, congresswoman Spanberger. And in every chapter in her career, in every chapter, she’s always been about one thing: service. Service,” Biden said in remarks in Culpeper.

“Back in 2017, she saw her representative in Congress vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act; that was one of more than 100 Republican efforts,” he said. “But she knew that was the exact opposite of what central Virginia badly needed.”

With Biden’s approval ratings so low, it is confusing why Biden believes his endorsement is helpful to anyone; it might be due to declining mental health. The Republicans may be right about Biden’s mental health.

The fact of the matter is that DC has long known about Biden’s health problems.

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In Oct of 2020, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo told national audiences: “My sources are solid, and I have two medical people who are saying that Joe Biden has had two brain aneurysms and he needs to explain that to people.”

The brain aneurysms have been mostly covered up since 1988, as reported by local Delaware News.

In 1988, The then-Delaware senator had bowed out of the presidential race after questions were raised about the lack of attribution of quotes he used in a speech. Biden feared the scandal would tarnish his reputation, that people would consider him a cheat.

Conservative Brief reported on the 2020 calls from the Hill for Biden to be medically evaluated:

“A group of Republican lawmakers is once again pressuring President Joe Biden to take a cognitive test because they believe his “mental decline” has “become more apparent” and could be impeding his judgment.

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Nearly 40 GOP congressional members want Biden, 79, to follow the precedent set by his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, as recent polling increasingly shows more Americans are not certain of Biden’s mental fitness for the demanding job of president.

Led by former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas, 37 other Republican colleagues signed a letter to Biden on Tuesday in which they said they had “concern” about his “current cognitive state.”

“This is not a partisan issue. When I discussed taking a cognitive test with President Trump, he was eager to assure the American people and to put the fake news media’s stories to bed,” Jackson wrote in the letter. “Why won’t President Biden do the same?