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Bidens Caught Red-Handed? Oversight Committee Says WH Is Attempting to ‘Stonewall’ Smoking Gun Evidence

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A committee led by James Comer is maintaining the pressure.

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability declared the White House uncooperative in regards to answering inquiries regarding the dubious financial activities of the Biden family, days after video evidence linking a Chinese energy company to the bank account of current-president Joe Biden.

Moreover, given the stakes, that ought to indignate the American people.

In a Friday evening social media post, the Republican-led Oversight Committee published a social media post declaring that the White House “today made clear to us that President Biden is refusing to hand over loan documents for any ‘loans’ he provided to his brother, James Biden.”

“We’ve exposed nearly a quarter of a million of dollars that James Biden sent to Joe Biden as ‘loan repayments’ that were funded by laundered China money and influence peddling schemes,” the committee stated.

“Is this what ‘the most transparent administration in history’ is supposed to look like?”

The question answers itself, of course, but just for the record, no, it’s not what a “transparent” administration looks like. In fact, it’s about the opposite of what a “transparent” administration looks like.

A political opposition that has uncovered accumulating evidence that the man currently occupying the Oval Office has a history of profiting from his family’s dealings with foreign governments by leveraging the influence that the name “Biden” implies appears to have caught the White House off guard.

An approach reminiscent of an administration that adopts a “talk to the hand” stance when confronted with valid inquiries regarding whether Joe Biden utilized the offices entrusted to him by the American people during his years as vice president under Barack Obama and as a private citizen between government jobs in the years leading up to his presidency.

In a single term, this is its appearance: “corruption.” Furthermore, it appears that the White House is employing stonewalling, a time-honored Washington response to being discovered red-handed.

Based on the stance adopted by Rep. James Comer, the chairman of the Oversight Committee, the tone of the social media post published by the committee on Friday, and the reaction elicited from the Republican Party, it appears that this strategy is doomed to fail.

Comer has made it clear since assuming leadership of the committee in January that he will not back down from any aspect of the Bidens investigation, including the president, son Hunter and his laptop stuffed with evidence, hangers-on brothers James and Frank Biden, and the numerous Biden relatives who profited from well-documented shell companies associated with the Biden influence-peddling schemes.

Furthermore, the concluding paragraph of the social media post reflected this hostility:

“We won’t be stopped by the President’s stonewalling,” the committee stated. “We’ll continue to follow the money, expose President Biden’s corruption, and deliver accountability.”

Not precisely the Age of Good Feelings has arrived.

Furthermore, as evidenced by the responses, a considerable number of Americans shared a similar disposition:

Former Utah congressman and current Fox News presenter Jason Chaffetz, who once presided over the House Oversight Committee, advised, “keep digging.”

The Oversight Committee issued a second statement on Saturday, this time condemning the establishment media for providing interference for the White House, as if to emphasize its resolve even further.

“It’s time for Corporate Media to wake up and report on one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history,” the post stated.

“President Biden and the Admin he promised would be the most transparent in history continue to stonewall us at every turn. There will be accountability.”

Indeed, accountability will ensue, notwithstanding the inaction of the establishment media, which is as corrupt as the Biden criminal family.

Americans are beginning to recognize that the Biden administration is a disgrace on numerous fronts: whether it is contributing to the inflation that is destroying American wallets and stokes, managing the ongoing invasion of illegal aliens, which has been out of control for a very long time and is now a known national security threat, or presiding over the humiliating, self-inflicted image of the only superpower in the world reduced to a stumbling, bumbling corrupt caricature of itself.

Biden’s pitiful polling numbers persist despite the relentless legal and propaganda warfare waged by his Justice Department, local Democratic prosecutors, and the national establishment media against former President Donald Trump, his most influential political opponent.

And when that time comes for accountability, the American people will have cause to be appreciative of Comer and his committee for maintaining the pressure.

Given the critical nature of the matter at hand—namely, the nation’s and its citizens’ future—a retreat is not an option.

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