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Biden’s Got Big Trouble: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Issues Powerful Statement as Governor

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Arkansas residents are holding their breath.

Conservative political activists have pondered whether or not our new governor, Sarah Sanders, is the genuine deal.

After all, many of us are Republicans, and we are accustomed to disappointment. All of our employees are eager to utter platitudes, but seldom follow through.

Was Sanders’ outstanding performance as press secretary for President Trump only a reflection of his professional competence?

Does she truly believe the staunchly conservative statements she made on behalf of Trump at the White House press briefing and then during her campaign for governor?

I believe we’re discovering.

The Bible upon which Sanders rested her hand to take the oath of office on January 10 was still warm when she introduced a series of conservative “red meat” executive orders.

The week following his inauguration, Sanders signed an executive order prohibiting critical race theory in Arkansas schools.

She demanded a review of earlier executive orders, including the revocation of COVID-related measures.

She ordered a decrease in state government rules and regulations, a reduction in unemployment insurance waste, a freeze on state recruiting, and the safeguarding of technology from China and other rivals.

She also mandated that “culturally insensitive words” such as “Latinx” not be used in official governmental communications.

And on Monday, she tweeted to the citizens of Arkansas a potential challenge to Joe Biden and the swamp critters.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“As long as I am your governor, the meddling hand of big government creeping down from Washington DC will be stopped cold at the Mississippi River.”

And this was just her first week in office! CONTINUE READING…

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