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Biden’s Interaction with Young Girl Is Creeping Everyone Out: ‘11? Wow!’

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As he encounters individuals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden’s creepy behavior toward young females who are typically below the age of consent has once again grossed out a great number of Americans.

During his visit to a food bank, Biden was observed distributing sacks of apples to those in need. Furthermore, a video demonstrates that he was staring blankly ahead when he noticed a young girl and immediately reverted to his disturbing Joe routine.

He inquired, “How old are you?” from behind the counter.

Evidently, the child responded that she was eleven years old, as the president reiterated her statements.

WCAU-TV reported that Biden was in Philadelphia on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to assist in the distribution of food to vulnerable citizens as part of the National Day of Service.

It is noteworthy that Joe was captivated solely by a pre-teen girl amidst a room filled with families seeking desperately needed food assistance. However, this eerie behavior has been observed from Biden previously.

In June, when Ava Longoria was 17 years old and he was 40, he made an inappropriate remark about “knowing” her.

Additionally, he provoked her to retreat from him by attempting to place his hands all over her on stage.

He made a beeline off the stage in Philadelphia in February to observe a young girl following another speech.

Biden has repeatedly engaged in this behavior.

Simply put, there are far too many examples to list individually. However, conducting a search for “creepy Joe” on any search engine will yield countless hours of surreal content.

However, the most egregious of these documented instances is the passage extracted from his daughter’s diary in which she purportedly reported that her father lavished her with gifts during her youth.

Joe Biden is confronted with a significant predicament that transcends the recent deterioration of his mental state. This has been occurring for decades.

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