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Biden’s Repeated ‘Misleading’ Claim Is Finally Fact Checked in Brutal Way

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President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that he had reduced America’s budget deficit, a claim that has been debunked as false.

“And by the way, parenthetically, I want you to hear about the deficit. I cut the deficit $1.7 trillion in two years. Nobody’s ever done that – cut the debt $1.7 [trillion],” Biden said during a South Carolina appearance, according to Fox News.

The claim is not new, and in April it enraged Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post’s fact-checker, enough to give Biden a severe reprimand and designate the claim a rating of “Bottomless Pinocchio.”

The Post typically assigns ratings on a scale from one to four Pinocchios, with four representing the most egregious falsehoods.

Kessler stated that the term was designated for “false or misleading statements repeated so often that they became a form of propaganda.”

Kessler wrote that Biden had previously received a reprimand for claiming that he had traveled 17,000 miles with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In an April letter, Kessler expressed frustration that since June 2022, Biden had incorrectly stated the deficit figure at least 30 times. He stated that the claim was “highly misleading — worthy of Three Pinocchios.”

Writing about his first two budgets, Kessler observed that “All told, in those two years Biden increased the national debt about $850 billion more than originally projected.”

After stating that “the data shows that the deficit picture has worsened under Biden,” Kessler noted that “Biden has enacted legislation that will require the federal government to borrow even more in the future.”

“Budget numbers often make people’s eyes glaze over and so, from a communications perspective, it’s easy to manipulate the math. But the numbers don’t lie. The president earns his second Bottomless Pinocchio,” wrote Kessler.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

In an Op-Ed in Roll Call, David Winston noted that after a 2020 federal budget that supported one-tine COVID-19 spending, Biden “saw that supersized budget in 2020 not as a crisis, but an opportunity that could be exploited going forward to pay for what amounted to a historic spending spree.” CONTINUE READING…

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