Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee Absolutely Obliterated Over Disgusting Past

Lindsey Graham once again took aim at Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, this time slamming her view that ‘supervision’ can deter the distribution and viewing of child pornography.

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This came as he inquired about other matters, such as whether an illegal immigrant should be allowed to vote or whether a 20-week-old fetus can feel pain, questions to which she replied, “I don’t know.”.

On the third day of Jackson’s confirmation hearing, Graham stated that the only consequence should be putting their “a** in jail.”.

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Jackson pushed back against the South Carolina senator’s claim that she believed the number of images viewed or distributed shouldn’t be taken into account in sentencing child porn cases. Rather, she stressed that her judicial record did indicate that she imposed “substantial” internet monitoring on violators.

‘Wait, you think it is a bigger deterrent to take somebody who is on a computer, looking at sexual images of children in the most disgusting way, is to supervise their computer habit versus putting them in jail?’ Graham asked as he raised his voice and gave a look of disgust.

‘No, I didn’t say versus,’ Jackson replied before Graham interrupted her with a series of pointed questions.

‘That’s exactly what you said,’ Graham shot back.

‘I think the best way to deter people from getting on a computer and viewing thousands and hundred – and over time maybe millions, the population as a whole – of children being exploited and abused every time somebody clicks on is to put their a** in jail,’ he suggested. ‘Not supervise their computer usage.’

Graham’s 20-minute line of questioning was consistent with other criticisms of Jackson directed toward her sentencing of child porn offenders on Tuesday.

During his opening remarks on Wednesday, Chairman Dick Durbin tried to defend Jackson by claiming that her sentencing record in child porn cases was in line with 80 percent of similar cases handled by other judges.

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Jackson attempted to defend herself on Wednesday, saying that in today’s digital age, it is hard to discern between the severity of child porn offenders. Before the internet, she said, it was easy to tell the difference between someone who received one image versus someone who received a thousand images.

‘In comes the internet,’ she said, referring to the changing nature of the child pornography market. ‘With one click you can receive, you can distribute tens of thousands.’

‘You can be doing this for 15 minutes and all of a sudden, you are looking at 30, 40, 50 years in prison,’ she added.

‘Good! Good! Absolutely, good! I hope you are!’ Graham yelled.

‘I hope you go to jail for 50 years if you’re on the internet trolling for images of children and sexual exploitation,’ he declared.

Graham also asked Jackson about abortion during his re-questioning on Wednesday.

‘Can an unborn child feel pain at 20 weeks in the birthing process?’ Graham inquired.

‘Senator, I don’t know,’ she answered.

He explained that unborn fetuses are given anesthesia in the late stages of pregnancy if surgery is needed to save their lives because they ‘can, in fact, feel pain.’

Additionally, she was not aware of that.

He said that she should keep an open mind when it comes to these types of issues, as they might ‘come before you one day’.

During the third day of Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing, some Republicans complained that Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin was ‘editorializing’ their points and standing up for Jackson.

Durbin apologized to Jackson for the Republicans’ line of questioning on Tuesday as he started the third day of hearings.

‘Yesterday, your nomination turned out to be a testing ground for conspiracy theories and culture war theories,’ the Democrat charged. ‘The more bizarre the charges against you and your family, the more I understand the social media scoreboard lit up yesterday.’

‘I’m sorry we have to go through this,’ he continued.

‘These are not theories that are in the mainstream of America, but they have been presented here as such.’

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As soon as Durbin delivered his opening statement defending Jackson, Texas Senator John Cornyn cut in to express his displeasure with Durbin’s editorializing during Jackson’s confirmation process.

‘Unfortunately, I noticed that after every series of questioning on this side of the aisle, you choose to editorialize and contradict the points being made by this side of the aisle,’ Cornyn said in regards to him and fellow Republicans.

‘I don’t know whether we will have an equal opportunity to editorialize about the advocacy that you and your colleagues – the points that you’re trying to make.’

‘I just want to lodge a protest and say that I don’t think it’s appropriate for the chairman after every time somebody on this side of the aisle asks questions of the judge, you come back and you degenerate, and you attack and you criticize the line of questioning,’ he added.