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Big Dem Arrested For Selling Guns Used In School Shooting

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The firearms used in the massacre at Roxborough High School have resurfaced in a troubling manner. The 27 September shooting at the high school resulted in the death of 14-year-old Nicholas Elizalde, whose family had hoped for arrests and justice. Now that an arrest has been made, it has nothing to do with the incident, but rather the destiny of the firearms used.

Federal authorities have detained a deputy sheriff in Philadelphia after the law enforcement officer was seen on tape selling two firearms used in a school massacre. Two firearms were used in the fatal shooting at Roxborough High School during a football scrimmage. According to court records, both of the weapons sold during that transaction were tracked by police authorities and determined to have been used in the September 27 shooting in Roxborough that resulted in the death of a 14-year-old boy and the injury of four other adolescents.

The deputy sheriff then attempted to profit from the terrible incident by selling the firearms used in the attack. From 2018 until 2022, Ahmad served as an assistant sheriff in the city of Philadelphia.

Fox News published photographs of the transaction captured by a law enforcement gadget. The family members of the murdered adolescent displayed astonishment. Meredith Elizalde, choking back tears on the one-month anniversary of her son Nicholas Elizalde’s murder, declined to comment on Friday. Fox News reports that the boy’s grandmother expressed displeasure about the photograph over the phone.

Government authorities captured Ahmad taking $3,000 from a federal informant for the sale of these two semi-automatic Glocks and ammo.

“As alleged, Samir Ahmad abused his authority – to the greatest extent possible – as a sworn law enforcement officer,” said U.S. Attorney Romero.

“The defendant was allegedly sold firearms on the street, and for the sake of putting money in his pocket, was willing to put deadly firearms into the hands of someone he knew was prohibited by law from possessing them. “Working with our law enforcement partners, we are doing all that we can to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the violence.”

“The idea of a sworn public servant so blatantly undermining public safety is reprehensible,” said Jacqueline Maguire, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division.

“Philadelphia is awash in illegal guns, which are being used to commit violent crimes, so every weapon we can take off the street and every trafficker we can lock up makes a difference. “The FBI and our partners will continue to do everything in our power to make this city safer.”

“The result of this investigation is the paradigm of collaboration between our local, state, and federal partners,” said Eric Degree, Acting Special Agent in charge of ATF’s Philadelphia Field Division.

“We cannot let the gun violence we are seeing become the norm.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“We will continue to use our expertise to identify, investigate, and incarcerate those who commit and those who facilitate the violent firearm crimes that plague our streets.” CONTINUE READING…

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