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Bill Barr Gets Brutal Surprise While Vacationing For New Years

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Michael Cohen said Thursday that his lawyers delivered a lawsuit to former Attorney General Bill Barr to accuse him of retaliating against him by sending him back to prison.

‘This morning I was notified by my attorneys @lauferlaw @NYadvocateJKL that the process server successfully effectuated service on #BillBarr while he was vacationing in Virginia. This is the look they got…Happy New Year a**hole!’ Cohen wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of Barr.

Among Cohen’s claims in the lawsuit filed Thursday is that he was retaliated against for writing a tell-all memoir, arguing that his abrupt return to federal prison last year threatened his life and amounted to punishment for criticizing Trump.

The former attorney for President Donald J. Trump takes aim at his former employer in his memoir, Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney.

According to the lawsuit, Cohen has suffered severe physical and emotional harm, and his First Amendment rights have been violated. It has been filed in United States federal court in Manhattan.

Former Trump attorney Cohen recently served a three-year prison term for crimes including tax evasion, campaign finance violations, and lying to Congress.

Due to Covid-19, he was released from prison to home confinement after about one year.

Weeks later, he was sent back to prison after failing to accept certain conditions of his release. Cohen said he merely wanted clarification on a condition barring him from speaking with the media or publishing his book.

As part of his second stint behind bars, he spent 16 days in solitary confinement. In a small prison cell that he left only 30 minutes a day, Cohen claims to have suffered shortness of breath, headaches, and anxiety.

As Cohen claims in his lawsuit filed Thursday, Trump retaliated against him for writing a tell-all memoir by sending him to federal prison abruptly last year as a punishment for criticizing him.

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Cohen’s memoir, Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Attorney for President Donald J. Trump, ridicules his former employer.

The new lawsuit, filed in Manhattan federal court, claims Cohen suffered ‘extreme emotional and physical harm’ and that his First Amendment rights were violated.

Moreover, he testified to inflated asset values when seeking finance, but reduced them with tax authorities – and later cooperated with the New York attorneys investigating Trump’s company.

Angry, Trump accused Cohen of ‘going rogue’ and claimed he committed ‘perjury on a scale not seen before’ and had ‘lied a lot.’

Cohen recently said that he would continue providing ‘information, testimony, documents and my full cooperation on all ongoing investigations to ensure that others are held responsible for their dirty deeds and that no one is ever believed to be above the law.’

New York prosecutors are looking into Trump’s holdings in upstate New York, and they have obtained his tax returns.

Meanwhile, Trump issued a scathing end-of-year message on Joe Biden’s presidency.

His statement began, ‘In one year, Biden has caused a border crisis, an energy crisis, an inflation crisis, a labor crisis, a supply chain crisis, and a violent crime crisis—all while pushing the most radical left-wing agenda in history.’

‘It took less than 12 months for Biden and the extremists in his party to turn it all into crisis, chaos, misery, and woe.’

Trump also took a shot at Biden for his cozying up to “The Squad,” writing:

‘Biden has systematically dismantled the foundations of American Energy Independence to satisfy AOC, Ilhan Omar, and the other extremists calling the shots in the Democrat Party.’

Trump didn’t just have words for Biden, he also went after Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg, stating:

‘Absentee Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg (who deserted his job for 3 months in the midst of the largest supply chain crisis in American history) has proclaimed that Americans worried about gas prices should purchase an electric vehicle and they will “never have to worry about gas prices again.”

The former president also took on Critical Race Theory.

‘Biden’s Radical Democrat Party is forcing CRT into our children’s schools, shoving male athletes onto women’s sports teams, pushing woke racism into our military, tearing down statues of Thomas Jefferson, desecrating our history, dismantling basic election-integrity measures, and breaking decades of precedent to use taxpayer dollars to fund late-term abortion and infanticide.’

Trump will hold a rally in Arizona in January, according to a political action committee affiliated with the 45th president called Save America.

He will speak at 7 p.m. at the same venue that hosts the Country Thunder music festival in Florence. The rally is his first of 2022.

At a two-hour rally in Arizona on July 24, Trump repeated his belief that Joe Biden lost the Grand Canyon State due to massive voter fraud. Trump visited the state seven times before the 2020 election.

On Twitter, Republican candidate for governor of Arizona Kari Lake announced her attendance for the upcoming rally. In September, the former president endorsed her.

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