Bill Maher Wrecks Liberals: ‘My Politics Hasn’t Changed. They’ve Changed.’

Outspoken liberal Democrat Bill Maher isn’t playing along with the Left’s latest antics.

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Liberals have recently been enraged over a new bill in Florida that disallows teachers in Pre-K through third-grade to educate young kids on sexual and gender ideology without parental involvement.

This is an absolute horror for liberals who apparently want young children taught about sexual and gender issues without parent involvement. Leftists are mocking the bill by falsely labeling it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

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It appears Bill Maher is swaying more and more towards the Right because of what he describes as “goofy stuff” from his own political party.

“I haven’t changed. At all,” said Maher. “My politics hasn’t changed. They’ve changed.”

“Five years ago, no one was talking about defunding the police. I never heard that phrase five years ago. That’s not me changing. That’s things changing. I’m reacting to it, as I’ve always been.”

Maher continued: “Letting three-year-olds decide what gender they are. This wasn’t something five years ago.”

“Free speech used to be a left wing thing that (liberals) were proud and owned. And now, that seems to be under attack,” he added.

“It was five years ago at most when we heard the term woke, and it was like (an) alert to injustice,” Maher said.

“Ok, I’m down with that. I always have been. I hope people still understand that about me. But it became sort of a byword for a lot of this goofy stuff. That’s what I’m always railing against. That’s why they play me on Fox News now.” Watch the clip:

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Maher recently asked a simple question about Joe Biden that has liberals infuriated. “If Putin thought Trump was really that supportive of him, why didn’t he invade when Trump was in office?” Maher asked.

“It’s at least worth asking that question if you’re not locked into one intransigent thought,” he continued.

Biden’s own Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that Putin has shown a “pattern” by invading Ukraine while Joe Biden and the Democrats are in power.

The moment came during a disastrous appearance on CNN. “I was at the State Department, the president was the vice-president the last time Russia invaded Ukraine. This is a pattern of horror from President Putin and from the cronies around him.”

In 2014, former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden sat back as Russian-rebels, with support from Russian troops, seized control of Crimea, a region belonging to Ukraine. Obama and the Democrats notoriously mocked Mitt Romney for expressing concerns that Russia poses a serious threat to the U.S.

Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine under President Joe Biden instead of former President Donald Trump.

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Social media immediately erupted as Psaki pointed out a connection between Putin’s aggression and President Biden being in power. Watch the clip: