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Billionaire Tied to Jeffrey Epstein Just Gave Biden a Massive Gift

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A substantial contribution to the incumbent president’s reelection campaign funding raises a few suspicions.

According to a Fox News report, Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, contributed a staggering $699,600 to President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

Fox described the Biden Victory Fund as “the campaign’s joint fundraising vehicle.” According to Federal Election Commission records, the Biden Victory Fund received this precise amount on April 26.

Fox also highlighted the somewhat odd timing of the transfer, as well as Hoffman’s ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“The donation came exactly one week before the Wall Street Journal reported that Hoffman visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island, called Little St. James, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, on at least one occasion in 2014,” Jessica Chasmar wrote for Fox.

This particular Journal article was published on May 3.

In this report, Hoffman claimed the official’s stated business between the two was investigating methods to “raise funds for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,” while also stating he had “regrets” regarding his interactions with Epstein.

According to the report, Hoffman and Epstein have had the following documented interactions with each other:

  • Hoffman attended a 2015 dinner with Silicon Valley leaders and Epstein in Palo Alto, California.
  • Hoffman confirmed a 2014 visit to Epstein’s island for a “fundraising trip.”
  • Documents reviewed by the Journal noted two planned 2014 trips to Epstein’s private island, in March and November.
  • Hoffman stayed at Epstein’s New York townhouse in December 2014.
  • The December visit also reportedly included a “breakfast party” the next day with the likes of billionaire Bill Gates.

Those purported connections to Epstein, the disgraced Hollywood mogul who was discovered dead in August 2019 by suicide (though there is considerable doubt regarding this claim), can now be traced directly to the White House — in more than one manner.

Additionally, Fox News reported that Hoffman has donated countless millions to the Biden campaign.

“Such spending can come with certain perks — such as access,” Chasmar wrote.

In 2022, this “access” involved at least five visits to the White House.

And these were not simple house calls. Hoffman was invited to events similar to the state dinner hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Fox’s latest revelation was not notably celebrated on social media.

There were also a multitude of much more incendiary responses, such as accusations that Biden protected pedophiles and that Democrats were pedophiles.

In other news, Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s incarcerated companion and convicted human trafficker, has been dubbed “Prison Karen” due to her incessant whining.

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