BLM Removed From Non Profit Platform

Amazon has removed Black Lives Matter (BLM) from its charity platform AmazonSmile amid growing concern over the organization’s lack of financial transparency, in a move that needs much more investigation regarding how the left organizes nonprofits and Non-Government Organizations (NGO), and how left-leaning businesses promote those charities for social good.

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BLM leaders, curiously led now by attorney Marc Elias, who is almost synonymous with Hillary R. Clinton and the suspicious activities with the 2020 General election, failed to disclose detailed financial reports on up to $60 million it had received in donations.

It is interesting to note what Amazon is concerned about – finally.

“Elias, best known for his funding of British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s discredited anti-Trump dossier while he served as Clinton’s 2016 campaign general counsel, appears to be representing the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation through his recently formed Elias Law Group. BLM’s national organization repeatedly lists the Elias firm as one of its addresses and states in its short-year 2020 Form 990 that its books were now in the care of the Elias Law Group,” The Washington Examiner reported.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed that on Feb. 15, it had removed the political and social organization from its Amazon Smile platform, which allows customers to support charitable organizations every time they shop, drawing questions about a very long and very high profile promotional campaign for the organization.

“Charitable organizations must meet the requirements outlined in our participation agreement to be eligible for AmazonSmile,” an Amazon representative reported about the removal of BLM from their platform.

“Among other eligibility requirements, organizations are required to be in good standing in their state of incorporation and in the states and territories where they are authorized to do business. Organizations that don’t meet the requirements listed in the agreement may have their eligibility suspended or revoked. Charities can request to be reinstated once they are back in good standing.”

Ironically, Amazon itself donated $10 million to BLM and other groups, in 2020 at the time when BLM was known for violet pre-election protests and riots that caused widespread damage to the United States of America.

BLM was the arm of the left campaigning for their decades-long ‘defund the police’ movement, which exploited at the time the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, by Police officer Derek Chauvin.

BLM’s ‘defund the police’ messaging began in 2013 when George Zimmerman was acquitted for the killing of Trayvon Martin, another questionable case prosecuted by Benjamin Crump- who was known to lie about the case. The charity was flooded with contributions then, nonetheless.

BLM was heavily promoted by Democrat politicians and their media allies, using cultural marxism to infiltrate all American institutions to shift public opinion of the group- including public schools, where schoolchildren learned about BLM in a positive way in their school curriculum.

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According to media reports about BLM: the violence caused by BLM riots by early June 2020 had resulted in two deaths, 604 arrests, an estimated $550 million in property damage to 1,500 locations, making the Minneapolis–Saint Paul BLM events alone the second-most destructive period of local unrest in United States history, after the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

But none of that concerned Amazon until now.

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Proving that the left’s community organizing is not really about social justice at all, and is suspiciously about money and power-Co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors was busted after it was revealed that she purchased luxury homes in predominantly white neighborhoods costing millions of dollars.

But now Amazon suddenly cares. Interesting.