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BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden Was Receiving Classified Info on Regular Basis – Used to Promote Biden Family Business

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The “Laptop from Hell,” which once belonged to the spastic, drug-addicted, hyper-sexualized, and corrupt Hunter Biden, may have prompted investigators to seek classified documents at Democrat President Joe Biden’s home and office, demonstrating that Hunter Biden had access to more than simple classified documents and igniting a scandal so massive that even Democrats are now throwing their hands up in disgust at the actions of the Biden crime family.

Attorney Kash Patel, who served as chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump, stated to the media on Thursday that the current disclosures of Joe Biden’s crimes using secret material began with the bizarre laptop.

Numerous independent sources are investigating what they believe to be a deeper relationship to Hunter’s White House job than was previously acknowledged, combining their findings with those of other media outlets to present a picture of tremendous betrayal of the American people.

In an opinion piece for the Daily Caller, Patel implied that it was the laptop that sparked inquiries into Biden’s residences.

“I worked on numerous national security cases and as the former Deputy Director of National Intelligence and Federal prosecutor, it is clear that the Biden matter is at the intersection of these two worlds,” Patel stated, adding:

Mishandling classified information is a federal crime, period. One of the most concerning revelations in the wake of this scandal is that these classified documents have been on the move in the wild for years. Each person that moved them, each place they were stored is another separate crime.

Basic investigatory steps such as the issuance of search warrants for every location Biden and Hunter ever touched, have been jettisoned without legal cause. By doing so, Garland and Wray seek to uphold their traditions and principles of government corruption.

Whether it is a locked garage or the Biden Penn Center, or his cereal closet — none of these locations were authorized to store classified information. In the coming days, how many other locations are we going to learn of and who had access? I predict many more.

The question of how they were moved is still a mystery. Are we to believe the chief librarians at NARA actually initiated this investigation? The answers to these questions expose its genesis: Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Hunter Biden’s proximity and potential access to an array of classified material should concern every single American. Political crime is the Biden family business. Covering up those crimes, well that has been the business of the current DOJ and FBI, along with the media.

This investigation into the handling of these classified documents did not begin in November 2022. The timing of the documents is no coincidence. This scandal was perfectly timed and flawlessly revealed with the assistance of the corrupt media.” CONTINUE READING…

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