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Bombshell Just Dropped On Who Jack Smith Is Tied Directly To – Plan Exposed!

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A prominent prosecutor on the staff of Special Counsel Jack Smith allegedly shielded the Clinton Foundation from federal investigation, as reported by Fox News.

In accordance with the evaluation conducted by former Special Counsel John Durham, Ray Hulser, a former head of the Public Integrity Section (PIN) of the Department of Justice, has been identified as the DOJ official who abstained from initiating legal proceedings against the Clintons in 2016.

In spite of the fact that three distinct FBI field offices had initiated investigations into the Clinton Foundation, Hulser terminated the investigations using the PIN, according to the Durham report. However, in a 2016 interview with Durham, Hulser maintained that his office’s decision to halt the investigations was merely a suggestion.

The investigations centered on the numerous Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) of the foundation, which are required disclosure by financial institutions.

As reported by Fox News:

Meanwhile, the Durham report states that during the February 2016 meeting, Hulser “declined prosecution” of the Clinton Foundation on behalf of the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section.

Hulser told Durham during his interview, though, that he “made it clear” that “his decision was not binding on the various U.S. Attorneys’ Offices or FBI field divisions.”

In interviewing another individual present for the meeting, Durham learned that the Justice Department’s reaction to the Clinton Foundation briefing was “hostile.”

“There are mega indications that the Obama Justice Department slow-walked and discouraged the Clinton Foundation investigation, including discouraging the FBI from pursuing it,” former federal prosecutor and Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy said.

Durham ascertained that, given the information at the time, there was a “perceived need” for the Department of Justice to collaborate with and offer assistance to the FBI field office’s investigations into the Clintons. Nevertheless, Hulser and the PIN were able to effectively deactivate them.

Durham engaged in an interview with Hulser in the course of his investigative endeavors. Durham was apprised by Hulser that the FBI’s information pertaining to the Clinton Foundation was “poorly presented and that there was insufficient predication for at least one of the investigations due to its reliance on allegations contained in a book”:

“Hulser downplayed information provided by the New York Field Office CHS [confidential human source] and recalled that the amount involved in the financial reporting was ‘de minimus,’” the report states.

However, Durham’s team reviewed the financial reporting to better “understand the allegations.” CONTINUE READING…

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