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BOOM! Trump Could Soon Be Added To Mt. Rushmore!

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Trent Leisy, a candidate for the Fourth Congressional District in Colorado, declared his intention on Sunday to introduce a legislative proposal that would involve the integration of a likeness of Donald Trump, the 45th President and a prominent candidate for the 2024 presidential election, into the renowned Mount Rushmore monument.

During the month of October, Trent Leisy, an individual boasting prior Navy service, county councilmanship, and small business ownership, publicly declared his intention to challenge Representative Ken Buck in the election.

“I’m running for Congress to replace RINO Ken Buck who dropped out of the race two weeks after I announced! In Congress, I will introduce legislation to add Rightful President Trump to Mount Rushmore.”

According to Leisy, “When Trump wins for a third time in 2024, he will save this country once again.”

The notion of inducting President Trump into the renowned Mount Rushmore monument in South Dakota has been a subject of discourse among Trump supporters for a considerable period of time.

This proposal entails the juxtaposition of the likeness of President Trump with the preexisting statuary honoring Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Leisy presents himself as a candidate who places the interests of the United States first. Numerous notable individuals have lent their support to him, including the Veterans for Trump Legacy PAC (VFAF), Dr. Gina Loudon, a former media surrogate for the Trump administration, John Loudon, a former Missouri State Senator, Vernon Jones, a former Georgia State Senator, Leo Terrell, a Fox News contributor, Darrell Scott, a pastor who supported former President Trump, and Leo Terrell.

Leisy’s campaign is centered around the execution of strategies aimed at bolstering southern border security, addressing the issue of child and human trafficking, and showcasing endorsement for President Trump. CD4, the electoral district in which Leisy is running for office, demonstrates a plus-14 Republican advantage.

In the year 2020, President Trump responded to a fabricated news article originating from the New York Times, a publication he deemed “failing,” and CNN, a network he criticized for its “bad ratings” and low viewership. The article in question discussed the possibility of adding President Trump’s visage to the iconic Mount Rushmore monument. President Trump refuted the claim, stating that he “Never suggested it although, based on all of the many things accomplished during the first 3 1/2 years, perhaps more than any other Presidency, sounds like a good idea to me.”

As per the assertions put forth by podcaster Dan Bongino, it is possible that former President Donald Trump’s accomplishments would have already earned him a monument on Mount Rushmore had he affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Bongino expressed the viewpoint during an interview, stating, “If you would have run as a Democrat, you’d be on Mount Rushmore right now.”

A judge of the New York Court of Appeals temporarily stayed the restraining order that Judge Arthur Engoron had placed on former President Donald Trump on Thursday.

The prohibition order that Judge Engoron had imposed was postponed when Appellate Judge David Friedman, invoking President Trump’s First Amendment rights, intervened.

“Considering the constitutional and statutory rights at issue an interim stay is granted,” Judge Friedman ruled.

In response to an emergency lawsuit filed by Trump’s legal team on Wednesday, the decision was rendered. As a result of the restraining orders, the lawsuit argues that Judge Arthur Engoron’s ability to impartially determine the case’s facts is called into question.

Late in October, Trump was called to testify by Judge Engoron in regard to his severe criticism of the previous administration and accusations that his statements to the media violated the embargo order. In addition, Trump was assessed a $10,000 monetary penalty.

According to the leftist New York Times:

The order against Mr. Trump was issued on the trial’s second day by the presiding judge, Arthur F. Engoron, after Mr. Trump attacked the judge’s law clerk in a social media post accusing her of being a Democratic partisan. It prohibited Mr. Trump from any further attacks on the clerk and other court staff.

Mr. Trump has twice violated the order, incurring $15,000 in fines. The judge later issued a similar order against Mr. Trump’s lawyers, barring them from commenting on his private communications with court staff.

Democratic Party of America attorney general Letitia James of New York, whom Trump has accused of being prejudiced toward whites and who espouses socialist principles, is seeking $250 million in compensatory damages in a lawsuit against President Trump.

Victims are not present within the framework of this fraudulent investigation. Furthermore, the Attorney General of New York is endeavoring to impose a prohibition on the business activities of Donald Trump and his sons within the state of New York for the foreseeable future.

The potential consequences of this advancement are expected to instill a feeling of apprehension among entrepreneurs across the entire state of New York. Should an individual hold dissenting political opinions, there is a possibility that the governing body could censor their speech and confiscate their financial belongings.

The legal proceedings consist of a jury-free trial. The corrupt jurist possesses ultimate authority.

Following the rescinding of the restraining order, Trump responded on Truth Social to the recent ruling against Judge Engoron.

“Judge Arthur Engoron has just been overturned (stayed!) by the New York State Appellate Division (Appeals Court), for the 4th TIME (on the same case!). His Ridiculous and Unconstitutional Gag Order, not allowing me to defend myself against him and his politically biased and out of control, Trump Hating Clerk, who is sinking him and his Court to new levels of LOW, is a disgrace,” Trump posted.

“They are defending the Worst and Least Respected Attorney General in the United States, Letitia James, who is a Worldwide disgrace, as is her illegal Witch Hunt against me. The Radical and Unprecedented actions of Judge Engoron will keep BUSINESSES and JOBS forever out of New York State,” he continued.

In a second post, Trump excoriated the judge.

“Trump Hating, Radical Left Judge, Arthur Engoron, is, sadly, the most overturned Judge in New York State. He was just stayed on his Gag Order, which Unconstitutionally prohibited me & my attorneys from talking about important elements of a Fraud case where it was he & Letitia James that committed the Fraud by knowingly, substantially, & outrageously devaluing my asset values in order to make me look guilty of something which I did not do.”

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