BREAKING: Another Case Filed Against Rittenhouse

DENVER (CBS4)– Fallout from what happened on an August 2020 night in Kenosha, Wisconsin is not over. There’s more legal action ahead.

Denver attorney Milo Schwab represents two of those who were shot.

“A criminal case and civil case are different, but we are reaching for larger questions,” he told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger in an interview before testimony in the criminal trial began.

His clients are the family of Joseph Rosenbaum, one of those who died as well as Gaige Grosskreutz who was wounded by Rittenhouse’s gun. He has already filed a lawsuit against Kenosha authorities and its police.

Schwab said he will raise questions, “How did the police respond? Were the police too cozy with vigilantes walking the streets enforcing their own justice?”

Although acquitted, Rittenhouse could face civil action, and he could file defamation lawsuits himself.

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