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BREAKING COVERUP: Palestine Disaster Coverup Exposed

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Two weeks after a massive explosion of toxic chemicals was deliberately set off in East Palestine, Ohio as a result of a derailed train, residents fear for their safety and health as they report to the media that no one from the government has informed them of the specific chemicals that were set ablaze into their air and water supply.

Wednesday, a local lady informed an Independent media source that she could not be correctly tested for sensitivities to the chemical air that she and her doctor thought was causing her headaches and skin abrasions since they did not know what the chemical was.

She is not alone; according to a hazardous waste exposure specialist, he doesn’t know what the government burned into the air either. But, he plans to utilize his knowledge to do an independent inquiry to determine what the chemicals are.

The government informs the public that it is investigating CO2 levels in the air, but according to the expert, this information does not assist preserve the public’s health.

Biden and his administration are discussing VOCs; according to the Minnesota state health advisory, “Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a large group of chemicals that are found in many products we use to build and maintain our homes. Once these chemicals are in our homes, they are released or “off-gas” into the indoor air we breathe.”

The investigator demanded the identity of the combusted chemical and asserted that the administration had “lied.”

The lack of technical information to the people is causing an increase in fear in the area, as evidenced by the emergence of numerous videos on social media in which residents express fear, frustration, and illness, and blame the government for concealing the information they need to protect themselves.

Last week, a member of Populist Press media appeared on-screen in East Palestine and had the opportunity to interview the individual researching what the administration refers to as a “controlled burn.” On the video, the investigator is heard stating that, in his professional view, what occurred in Ohio was not at all under control and extremely disturbing.

Below is a portion of what the independent investigator told the reporter from the Populist Press about what he was searching for and why he felt compelled to begin his search immediately rather than wait until the proof of what occurred faded.

“We are looking for a lot of chemicals including dioxin; we’re doing a lot of soil sampling and water sampling. My view is that it was a bad decision to release it [the chemicals] and burn it,” the man said, explaining his credentials:

“I have undergraduate graduate degrees in chemical engineering,” later adding: It wasn’t a controlled burn; it was uncontrolled. So see, I’m a chemical engineer and a top health and safety guy; I’ve got undergraduate graduate degrees in chemical engineering.”

He also doesn’t know what to defend himself from, saying:

“I’ve brought respirators but – the problem is to wear a respirator, you need to know what to protect yourself from the right item. Hydrocarbons, acid gases.. we’re here as the first group independently trying to figure out what was really here because what they were measuring, most of the time is what they call VOCs. It’s just some generic; it’s not a specific chemical,” he told the reporter. CONTINUE READING…

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