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Breaking Exclusive: President Trump Tells Gen. Flynn He Would Serve as House Speaker

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Former President Donald Trump stated that, if elected, he would accept the position of House speaker, a shocking twist in the ongoing House speaker drama.

The story was confirmed by Kari Lake and General Michael Flynn to The Western Journal.

“I talked to President Trump last night and told him he would be great and he should do it,” Lake told The Western Journal. “[I said] that he could take Congress from the most hated branch of [government] to the favorite branch.”

Lake’s motivational speech appears to have been effective, as Flynn told The Western Journal, “Trump responds, ‘I will do it.'”

This would be a surprising reversal for Trump, who has endorsed Kevin McCarthy for speaker for a long time.

Matt Gaetz, the head of the anti-McCarthy faction in the House of Representatives, nominated Donald Trump for speaker on Thursday.

McCarthy has failed to secure the 218 votes necessary to become House speaker after 11 ballots and three days.

Ironically, Gaetz, who nominated Trump on Thursday, blasted Trump on Wednesday for his choice to back McCarthy.

“Supporting McCarthy is the worst Human Resources decision President Trump has ever made,” Gaetz tweeted.

Intriguingly, Gaetz punctuated his critique of Trump with one of Trump’s signature expressions: “Sad!”

In any case, the notion appears to have taken root with the former president following Gaetz’s introduction of it.

According to Article 1, Section 5, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution, “the House of Representatives shall [choose] their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

This implies that Trump, although not being a current member of Congress, is permitted to run for speaker.

James K. Polk is the only person to have served as both president and speaker.

If Trump were to win the general election in 2024, he would likely have to resign as speaker of the House.

But it is an issue for House Speaker Trump in the future, if it ever comes to pass.

At minimum, America is now aware that Trump is willing.

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