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Breaking: Flynn Exposes Truth About Putin’s Real Plan

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It’s time to pray!

The price of oil reached #100 per barrel, the US stock market opening with heavy losses, we will face more global economic challenges, the real potential for the tremendous loss of life, and the international community in disarray with feeble attempts to condemn what could have been avoided, we face the onset of a grave, historical period of tension between competing ideologies, and, maybe, the onset of WW III.

The Russian ‘’invasion’’ of Ukraine could have been avoided.

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Biden and his foreign policy team set the table and invited Putin, who spoiled the dinner.

Both sides are to be blamed, but now we have to pray for the affected population. They should survive this period of the world stage. Civilians and military forces are going to be injured, wounded, displaced, and killed! Of course, these are the real consequences of war!

We have to pray that this conventional war is limited in scope, purpose, and intent.

Of course, there have been gross violations of prior agreements because of incompetence, arrogance, and ignorance, which brought us into this situation. What will occur next is anyone’s guess, but Putin just imposed a new world order marker.

It’s is doubtful that the US admin will change the foreign policy and will make weak attempts to triple down on leveraging this difficult situation in the EU to continue to distract from problems at home.

The shutting down of the Keystone pipeline and America’s energy independence while allowing Russia and Germany to reopen the Nordstream pipeline, then, someone has to wonder about the conversations in the Oval Office that came to these conclusions.

The Biden admin is this! We could describe America as a systematically racist nation, appointing Marxist to the position of power, allowing millions to enter our southern border, etc.

We can’t forget the Afghanistan disaster, the myriad lies about the pandemic, a complete refusal to investigate allegations of election irregularities, and China got a pass.

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No one can trust this administration because they are lying with a straight face to the Americans constantly.

Those who question this and domestic policies are demonized as racist.

Biden doesn’t take responsibility for his tone-deafness and failures. The WH ignored and laughed at!

Putin calculated this strategic, historical, and geographic play and decided to move.

May God be with us all!

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